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  • How to close vacancies faster


    Recruitment is a time consuming process, and it takes a lot of time, even if you’re a professional recruiter.

    Of course, team building is important task for creating a successful business, but, nevertheless, recruitment eats up a lot of time!

    The key reason why so much time is spent on hiring staff is because it has to be repeated time after time, again and again. With a new candidate, you are going all the way from the very beginning, only to eventually find out that something goes wrong.



    FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services, recently published a detailed review of Clobbi.Recruitment – an applicant tracking system (ATS) in which their praised our system as one that genuinely meets users expectations. Clobbi.Recruitment has earned the prestigious 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star awards from FinancesOnline.

  • Top-10 disruptive technologies in HR


    Josh Bersin, a visionary in the field of HR from Deloitte consulting company, released a report #futureofwork, which described the top ten breakthrough technologies that will have a significant impact on the development of the personnel management industry in the near future.

  • Revolution in HR world


    Josh Bersin, one of the visionaries in the field of HR, who worked in this area for several decades and representing the consulting company Deloitte, released the report #futureofwork, in which he presented the main milestones of the industry in the coming years.

  • Enhancing vacancy description


    Experienced recruiters know that the quality of job applicants depends to wide extent on the quality of the vacancy description. If your description is not attractive for candidates, you will not get those talents that you could count on. Consider also that the description of your vacancy is a showcase of your company, even if it is virtual. This is the first thing that a potential applicant will see. That’s why your job description should impress him! Your ad should radiate enthusiasm, because you want that the ad reader has submitted an application.

  • Recruitment hacks. Experience pipeline


    All those great posts on LinkedIn and other social networks “We are looking for talents!”, etc. etc. will remain just wonderful posts. What if instead of wasting your energy and recruiting budget you activate your social network connections and use them to attract targeted candidates for open vacancies?

  • People analytics for efficient recruitment


    Recently, the analytical agency Forrester Research released an updated report on the use of analytical tools in the field of personnel management. The report notes that analysis tools help companies to find unobvious dependencies, which makes it possible to make more effective decisions.

  • Tips to the applicants from a sales profi


    Max Altshuler, the author of the popular book on sales technology Hacking Sales, and the CEO of the company with the same name, wanted to replenish the team of his company with a productive sales specialist. He not only achieved his goal, but also described the hiring process in a series of blog posts.

  • Why you will fail to hire


    Offer rejected – the candidate accepted the offer of another employer.

    Manager – Why? How could this happen?

    Recruiter – We thought too long.

  • Big Data for the recruitment


    In addition to the key task – the timely vacancies closure – important indicators of the recruitment team success is reduction of recruitment time, as well as reduction the operations costs. It’s quite difficult to achieve these requirements. Information technologies can help the recruiter to complete his tasks. One of these technologies that can significantly help recruiters is Big Data technology.

  • How to win in a talent war


    The use of social networks to search for candidates is not limited to the simple posting open vacancies on LinkedIn (although 90% of people do just exact that). This is especially true for cases when there is a shortage of personnel in the market. Our life-hacks will help you cope with such situations.

  • What resume format fits better for you?


    There are no two identical resumes, each resume is unique. The resume format define, whether you get the job you are applying for. In order to stand out from the mass of applicants, it is crucially important to find the best format that will highlight your education, completed corporate trainings, previous jobs, as well as volunteer experience or hobbies.

  • New technologies in recruitment


    Stephen O’Donnell, leader of prestigious recruiting group RecruiterZone on the LinkedIn, hosted a webinar during which opinion leaders in the field of recruiting in a series of streams summed up the results of 2017. So, what significant happened in the 2017 year?

  • OLX.JOB as a recruitment tool


    Regardless of whether you represent a SMB enterprise or a large corporation, the process of personnel sourcing and selection is one of the most time-consuming and energy-intensive procedures. Manual collection of contact details of hundreds candidates is not only a boring. It affects the efficiency of the entire HR department and leads to waste of the company funds.

  • Google for jobs – almost ready


    The long awaited Google service for job search is finally ready! Ability to see it depends on your geolocation, as well as on personal preferences settings in your Google profile.

    Want to get the most out of free organic traffic from Google for Jobs? Well, who will refuse? Given that about 70% of job search starts with Google, the service should be a great place to find contacts of candidates.

  • Why recruiter asking you about your salary level?


    Those who have changed jobs more than once have probably come across a situation where a recruiter asked you about desired or your current salary level. Why does he asking it, since such issues are usually discussed with a potential employer.

    So, why recruiters ask applicants about the desired salary level? This is part of the required information that the recruiter needs in order to present you to his client as better as possble. This data are not mandatory if you are applying for a vacancy by yourself.

  • Is LinkedIn live on borrowed time?


    Over time, many users of the popular social network LinkedIn find that their mailboxes are filled with a huge number of useless spam messages, while they get less new interesting contacts. LinkedIn transition to the new interface means a significant change in the usual methods of work in this social platform. As a result, many users thought about whether they should continue to use premium account or move on to newer and more attractive online platforms. Will this lead to a significant reduction in the audience of LinkedIn, which was the key tool not only for business people, but also for recruiters?

  • Right staff – what is it?



    In one of the posts of this blog, we noted similarity of recruitment with marketing: in order to attract valuable employees, a company must not only offer an acceptable compensation package, but also be attractive for a potential employee. This is the “marketing side” of recruiting, its communicative aspect.

  • 7 metrics to enhance recruiter performance


    In the modern business world, everything revolves around data. This is not surprising, because the data is the basis for making effective decisions! Every year we learn another buzzword from the sphere of business management or technologies. First, there were BI for data analysis, then we learned the Big Data. And now, unexpectedly, the place of a breakthrough technology is taken by predictive analytics. Companies leading in the field of IT are already announcing the release of updated products with the support of this fashionable feature. Clobbi is not far behind global trends. Today we will look at how the predictive analysis can give a return to the enterprise using the example of the Clobbi.Recruiting cloud service.

  • Three cool recruiting tools


    Demand for professionals in the labor market steadily exceeds supply, companies are forced to offer the better conditions in order to hire professionals. It is safe to say that the hiring market is overheated. Recruiters find themselves in a difficult situation, because it becomes more difficult and expensive to hire employees with the necessary set of professional skills. Therefore, tools that increase recruiters performance will come in handy.

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