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Big Data as a tool for recruitment enhancement



The timely filling of vacancies is the most important indicator of the successful work of the recruitment team. In addition to the key task, it is important to improve the speed of search and selection of applicants, as well as to reduce the cost of these operations. It is not easy to achieve these requirements. Information technologies (and more specifically – the practical application of Big Data) can help the recruiter to fulfill the tasks.


Big Data is increasingly used across many industries, and recruitment is no exception. Some recruitment companies already use Big Data and more have this new technology in their list of future implementations. So how Big Data can help recruitment team to enhance their performance?


Big Data and related technologies of data analysis are just starting to have widespread influence in the recruitment and general HR industry. Only a short time ago most companies used simple ATS systems that provided simplistic search capabilities by some applicant attributes and allowed to build shortlists. Now with the usage of Big Data ATS can generate knowledge from the unstructured data provided by many sources – by recruiter, candidate, company specialists etc. That allows recruiter to focus on most promising applicants.


How can Big Data help? By adding information from unstructured data, stored in PDF files of the resume, cover letter, applicant’s social accounts and other sources. Analytics tools not only can add this information to the candidate’s profile, but also find best fitting candidates based on this knowledge. So search and selection processes become more targeted and cost effective.


In order to improve the quantitative and qualitative indicators of recruiting, the flow of candidates should be increased. This usually is achieved by expanding the channel for attracting job seekers: in addition to placing a vacancy on traditional job-search boards, information can be posted in social networks, as well as in professional communities groups. The main goal at this stage is to increase the coverage and flow of interested applicants.


In the absence of Big Data tools, increasing the flow of applicants leads to a decrease in the efficiency of recruiters’ work because of the growing workload. However, thanks to the Clobbi.Recruitment ATS, routine recruiting operations performed in one click. The system can structurize resumes downloaded from various sources. As a result, recruiters do not waste their time and able to cope with the growing flow of candidates.


Search for personnel in a single system allows you to publish information about current vacancies and automatically collect responses. At the same time, recruiters do not need third-party resources to perform tasks – the capabilities of the system are sufficient to conduct the whole recruitment cycle of filling vacancies.


Thanks to the Clobbi system, recruiters complete their tasks more efficiently and can work with more vacancies. The experience of using Clobbi.Recruitment shows that recruiters can work with 20 vacancies per month and successfully fill 10 of them. With automatic processing of incoming data and the expansion of the initial stages of the recruiting funnel, recruiters can consider 3-4 times more candidates for each open vacancy and select the most motivated applicants.


Due to the effective structure of information and its convenient representation decision-making and onboarding stages take much less time. This is a critically important factor in a highly competitive market: in order to engage a valuable professional it is necessary to quickly decide on a job.


With the SmartManager mobile application, the manager can get all the information about the applicant at any time. Applicant’s test results, resume, questionnaire, etc. available in the system with any device, including smartphone or tablet. Manager can uphold the decision on hiring the applicant or reject him, returning an open vacancy to the previous stage. Support of mobile access to the applicant’s data for the general managers drastically reduce the decision-making time of the personnel hiring.


Analytical tools of Clobbi.Recruitment provide a visual picture of the enterprise “on the fly” for different aspects. This ATS system provide means for assessment the recruiter effectiveness that increase their productivity.


The experience of implementing the Clobbi.Recruitment system at Ukrainian enterprises allowed:

– to work with up to 20 vacancies per month in the active mode of operation and successfully fill 10 of them;

– to speed up selection of candidates and the adoption of a final decision on hiring;

– to reduce the costs associated with the selection of personnel to 2-2.5 times;

– to consider 3-4 times more candidates for each open vacancy.


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