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Big Data for the recruitment


In addition to the key task – the timely vacancies closure – important indicators of the recruitment team success is reduction of recruitment time, as well as reduction the operations costs. It’s quite difficult to achieve these requirements. Information technologies can help the recruiter to complete his tasks. One of these technologies that can significantly help recruiters is Big Data technology.

In order to achieve a noticeable improvement in the quantitative and qualitative indicators of recruiting, it is necessary to increase the inflow of candidates. This achieved by expanding the channel for attracting job seekers: in addition to posting vacancies on traditional job boards, it’s wisely to post them in social networks, as well as in specialized groups of professional communities, etc. The main goal at this stage is to increase the coverage and inflow of interested applicants.

In the absence of the Big Data toolkit, an increase in the applicants flow leads to a decrease in the efficiency of recruiters due to the growing load. However, thanks to the Clobbi.Recruitment cloud service, recruitment routine operations performed in one click. For example, this system structures resumes downloaded from various sources. As a result, recruiters do not waste time and able to cope with the growing flow of candidates.

Searching for candidates in a single system allows you to publish information about vacancies and automatically collect responses. At the same time, recruiters do not need third-party resources to perform tasks – the system’s capacity is sufficient to carry out the entire cycle of work to close vacancies.

With Clobbi system recruiters performance growth, because they can work with more vacancies in the active mode. By experience of using Clobbi.Recruitment, recruiters can lead 20 vacancies per month and close up to 10 of them. Automatic processing of incoming data and the expansion of the initial steps of the recruiting funnel let recruiters consider up to 3-4 times more candidates for each open vacancy and select the most motivated and qualified applicants.

Due to the effective data structuring and its convenient representation less time spent at the stages of decision making and onboarding. This factor is crucial in a highly competitive market: in order to not to miss a valuable talent you have to quickly make a hiring decision.

Thanks to the SmartManager application, the manager can, at any time read all the information about the applicant: test results, resume, application form, etc., by connecting to the Clobbi service from any device, including a smartphone or tablet. Manager can easily approve hire decision, or reject it and return the open vacancy to the previous stage. With this technology, the decision-making time in the field of recruitment was drastically reduced.

Analytical Clobbi tools allow to provide a clear picture of the enterprise in many analytical sections. This tool also allows you to easily evaluate the performance of the entire recruiting team and its members and increase their productivity.

The experience of the Clobbi.Recruitment implementation allowed:

  • to work, on average, with up to 20 vacancies per month in active mode and successfully close10 of them;
  • to speed-up candidate selection and the final decision on hire;
  • to reduce costs associated with the recruitment, by 2-2.5 times;
  • to review up to 3-4 times more candidates for each open vacancy.
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