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Customizable recruitment business processes


Demand for professionals is increasingly grow in the labor market, so companies are forced to offer better conditions to acquire professionals. We can say that the hiring market for professionals is overheated. This situation is going to be difficult for recruiters because it is difficult and expensive to search for employees with the necessary skill-set. Therefore, tools that increase the efficiency of recruiters will be in demand.

The Clobbi.Recruitment ATS contains many useful tools – from collecting the applicant’s data in one click on job-boards to placing vacancies in an elegant widget and up to full-text search in the candidate database with a large number of attributes. Contemporary ATS gives firms the ability to store large amounts of applicant data and then access that data in real time from anywhere to make business decisions faster and accurate.

However, today I want to talk about a completely new tool, which has already proved its effectiveness in large companies. In this case, the features that will be discussed, in many ways unique and thanks to them recruiters are able to significantly improve the efficiency of their work.

We’ll take a look at such features:

  • End-to-end customizable business processes in recruiting
  • Prompt decision-making on senior management through a mobile application
  • Based on the analysis of Big Data data processing applicants


The use of Clobbi tools changes the approach of the personnel selection. Thanks to new tools, recruiters respond more quickly to the company’s needs, and top management quickly decides on hiring when a really valuable candidate is found. Using the Big Data technology it is possible to increase the speed of work by maximally widen the recruitment funnel, and to work with large arrays of information. As a result, the company gets the best employees.


End-to-end customizable business processes in recruiting

With a flexible and customizable business process designer, any company can save its individual features of the recruiting team’s work, and at the same time systematize work from opening a vacancy to searching and selecting candidates.

Upon receiving an application, recruiters start their work by publishing it on the maximum possible number of information resources. It’s not just job boards, but also social networks, professional sites, etc. By expanding the reach of the audience, a maximum number of initial responses to the vacancy achieved.

The business process of selecting candidates consists of two stages: collecting responses and adding data on applicants, telephone contact, testing, questioning of candidates and initial interviews to the system, as well as the final interview.

Due to the fact that the activities of recruiters is regulated by business processes, the company management at any moment can specify the status of work for any of the open vacancies, what activities are conducted with each of the applicants. With Clobbi recruitment tool you can measure the performance of each recruiter. This allows you to keep under control the whole process of hiring staff and, if necessary, respond quickly to changes.

Adherence to the business processes ensures that every activity of the workflow at any stage is provided with the necessary resources. For example, a business process may stipulate that both a recruiter and a manager who is the initiator of the search take part in an interview with a candidate for a certain vacancy.

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