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Top-10 disruptive technologies in HR


Josh Bersin, a visionary in the field of HR from Deloitte consulting company, released a report #futureofwork, which described the top ten breakthrough technologies that will have a significant impact on the development of the personnel management industry in the near future.

Mass transition from “automation” to “efficiency”

Automation tools for routine procedures that save time are becoming an indispensable tool for the HR manager. For flexible companies, the key topic is services aimed at improving the efficiency of specialists.


The growing popularity of cloud solutions for HR

Cloud business management solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Among other things, the market for cloud management solutions for HR (HRMS) is growing. However, real experience shows that implementation of cloud solutions in large enterprises could take considerable time.

Aware of the importance of choosing a system, companies are postponing the final decision, fearing to choose the “wrong” technology. Now cloud solutions for personnel and payroll management are quite mature, so the focus in decision-making should shift from the choice of technology to the choice of systems that can improve the employee’s efficiency. In any case, soon your IT business management system will be a set of integrated cloud services. The success of the system choice will be determined by how effectively employees perform their functions.


Continuous improvement activities

Practice has shown that Continuous Performance Management (CPM) really works, and with its help you can transform your company. It is about building a new continuous process of setting goals, coaching, evaluating the achieved results and forming a feedback on their basis.

Despite the undoubted success of cloud providers for HR management, in the future a new battle willstart – between suppliers of CPM solutions.


Domination of engagement and analysis tools

For several years, the market for engagement tools was in a state of sleep. Today there is a significant trend in the segments of receiving real-time feedback, programs of preferences analysis, as well as organizational network analysis (ONA) tools.

Due to the explosive growth of the system for feedback collection from employees, a large amount of sites appeared where you can leave feedback about your employer. The era of salary transparency is approaching, when with crowdsourcing and benchmarking tools, anyone who wants can find out the value of their professional skills in a matter of minutes. It is appropriate to mention the Glassdoor company with its slogan “Find out how much you are worth!”


Corporate Training: Reboot

In short, a new generation of corporate training tools has finally emerged and companies are rapidly moving to the implementation of these platforms.

New training systems with artificial intelligence provide employees with individual recommendations on the choice of the best training programs. Moreover, over time, these systems will become more and more developed, and their recommendations will become even more accurate.


Recruitment market: a fountain of innovation

The recruitment market is one of the largest segments in the field of HR. Each year, companies spend billions of dollars on recruitment, and the war for attracting and retaining the best talents only flares up. Much of the recruitment tasks are already automated (for example, with chat bots), the classic ATS systems contain more and more automation elements and even now called differently.

This market segment remains the most dynamic and innovative, these solutions use almost all the latest developments. At the same time, the market is incredibly heated – the world has reached a record low unemployment rate, and the war for talents requires more and more advanced recruiting tools.


Explosive growth in the quality of life management systems market

Humanity needs not only tools to increase labor efficiency – this, as we found out, is a modern trend. The toolkit of the future will also address such issues as the collection and application of data to improve the quality of our life (wellbeing) – software services for recommendations on the choice of physical activity, sleep and nutrition will become a trend in the distant future.


Growing market People analytics

Consulting company Deloitte has announced the imminent release of a new model for analyzing big data. In this regard, the company predicts a significant shift in focus from analytics to building IT infrastructure to collect big data about employees at work. These new data will be the source of in-depth research and analysis data.

Josh Bersin recalls that the data on the company’s employees is almost as valuable as the data on customers – after all, finding and retaining employees is becoming more and more difficult, and the need for qualified employees is only growing.


Intelligent Self-Service

The innovative technologies listed above look great. But we are interested in their practical implementation. How can we combine the disparate data to form a holistic picture? How to use them to improve the employees work? Maybe order a new application? Or update the contents of the corporate portal? The task is very difficult…

In today’s environment, experts believe that the most promising is the rapidly growing segment of self-service systems, employee development platforms. These are rapidly developing systems that include document management, employee communication tools, and integrated help desk. A modern self-service system serves as a service center for your employees, taking up space between the end applications for employees and the back end.


HR Innovation

The tenth breakthrough technology, which experts noted, is, in fact, HR. Personnel departments are used to technology companies inventing new tools for them. However, the current situation requires that HR themselves become innovators – experimenting with new models for measuring employee performance, with new personnel training strategies, with new recruiting techniques. Further, HR teams must enter the market in search of developers who are ready to create the necessary management tools for them.

It should be noted that the HR market is very dynamic, and in the near future it will remain in super-growth mode. Josh Bersin, based on the experience of Deloitte’s numerous customers, offered his vision for the future of the HR market. With this information, you have the opportunity to make important decisions in a timely manner and be among the leading companies.

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