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Efficient search and staff selection in LinkedIn!


Irina Shamaeva, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of sourcing, has published information about several undocumented search operators that are processed by the LinkedIn search engine.
Those operators have never been officially documented by LinkedIn. Nevertheless, they are taken into account when processing every request.
In her blog post, Shamaeva argues that these operators can be used by both premium LinkedIn users and users of basic accounts.

The use of these operators can significantly improve the efficiency of LinkedIn search.


skills operator

So, a search for skills:Wordpress will filter out people who have WordPress at their skill list:

Interestingly, if you simultaneously specify more than one skill in a this operator, the search system performs a logical AND operation (AND) between them – the search results include people who have all of the skills listed in the operator. Because of this, it is possible to get a much more accurate search results.



headline operator
This operator allows you to search for strings that are in the account header and is available only in a personal account, not in LinkedIn Recruiter. Similar to the operator skills, this operator performs “AND” operation if several keywords are specified in the search string.
You can specify several operators headline in the search string, combining them with logical operators. This allows you build complex but efficient queries to LinkedIn.

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