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Enhancing vacancy description


Experienced recruiters know that the quality of job applicants depends to wide extent on the quality of the vacancy description. If your description is not attractive for candidates, you will not get those talents that you could count on. Consider also that the description of your vacancy is a showcase of your company, even if it is virtual. This is the first thing that a potential applicant will see. That’s why your job description should impress him! Your ad should radiate enthusiasm, because you want that the ad reader has submitted an application. Therefore, you will describe how great is to work in your company and how the candidate will bleed his skills if he takes the relevant position in your enterprise.

The question of who should compose the text of the job description is also important. A job description can be prepared by employees of different departments – from a recruiter and recruitment manager to a representative of the marketing team, or even an external specialized consultant.

Stand out!

It is clear that your goal is to make a vacancy noticeable to applicants. But how to achieve this? In the job description, use such phrases that will attract the attention of your ideal candidates. Your task is to capture their attention from the first words so that they read the job description to the end. Many writers cannot solve this task and screw things up at the first obstacle.

Those who read your ad should submit an application to your company. Make your ad “live”! For example, add a photo of employees working in the company. This is a good way to form the first positive impression of the candidate and revive the job description.

Do not pretend to be who you are not

When you describe your company as “one of the best in the world,” select the appropriate words and add enthusiasm! If your ad looks boring, it will not interest anyone. Avoid jargon and special terms, your ad is read by ordinary people. As the old adage goes, “Don’t try to be what you are not.” Attempts to pretend to be who you are not, for a variety of reasons, can only worsen the result. As a result, you will be upset and will disappoint a candidate who will waste his time coming to you for an interview.

Consider – “What is the image of your company?” Is your company a vibrant, active company? Or is it more strict and corporate? Having chosen the right expressions for the job description, you will adjust the applicants to the desired style and attract the ideal candidates for the vacancy. Although choosing an employee with the necessary professional skills is important, it is equally important that they share the culture and values ​​of the company. Each company is unique, and yours is no exception. Ensure that the job description does not look like it was generated by a robot!

Why is your company the best?

Applicants usually want to learn about the culture of the company that announces the vacancy. Give them more details about the working atmosphere in your company, and perhaps this will encourage the candidate to apply for it to you.

If you do not radiate enthusiasm for your company, then what can you expect from applicants? Do not be afraid to exaggerate the success of the company. Emphasize the positive signs that give steepness to the image of your company. If you need to make an effort to come up with something to write about your company, maybe you are just working in the wrong place? Try to encourage applicants, tell them what they can achieve in the future, if they will work in your company. A description containing real goals makes your job not only realistic, but it also shows the candidate that he can professionally grow in your company.

Does your company pay special attention to a healthy lifestyle? Or, perhaps, employees are put extra “buns”? Remember to mention this in your job post! Suddenly it turns out that this seemingly insignificant reason prompts the candidate to submit an application!

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