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ERP for small and medium companies


Main goals of the modern industrial enterprise are:
1. Reduce time-to-market for new products
2. Improve customer service level (maximize the number of customer orders executed on-time)
3. Improve the efficiency of the equipment
Let’s review how main goals of the enterprise can be achieved with the Clobbi ERP system.




To reduce time-to-market of the new products, business has to quickly receive customer order, estimate it’s feasibility, lead time and costs. Usually, this task lasts too long.


This classical process takes from several days to several weeks. During this time, the customer may cancel the order or change its settings or parameters. But with Clobbi, the modern ERP solution for production enterprise, this task can be done within a few minutes – all orders will be scheduled and all customers will be satisfied.


To improve customer service level the focus of contemporary manufacturing enterprise is on the individualization and the speed of customer order execution. This leads to a substantial increase in the number of orders (since each order is individual). This also requires increasing the production rate. Under such conditions, frequent changeovers of equipment which must be done quickly and cost-effectively are critical for the economic success of the enterprise. Another critical factor is getting supply of necessary raw materials timely.
With a large number of orders and changeovers even a short delay of workers can lead to a delay in the execution of many orders and to the failure of the whole production schedule.
Our experience suggests that over 70% of delays in the release orders are due to desynchronization of the equipment and the workers. To solve this problem you have to synchronize equipment and workers by using such things like IoT tools. This solution allows cost-effectively solve the problem of delay in the execution of the production program.
Lead time calculation and production planning is an extremely complex task. It has hundreds of parameters and a huge number of potential solutions. If we try to solve this task mathematically we can use classical approach – Branch-and-bounds method. But problem is that it will take us months or even years to calculate the result by using modern computers.
I don’t think anybody can wait for years! Do you?
The appearance of new orders requires frequent production rescheduling. During each session of the scheduling, system calculates optimal manufacturing plans.
If you use multiple objectives and a significant amount of constraints in your plan, rescheduling can become time-consuming procedure. Clobbi used unique methods of mathematical optimization based on heuristics. The mathematical implementation of production scheduling in Clobbi is based on the theory of scheduling and the theory of constraints (known from works of Eliyahu Goldratt). To optimize equipment and personnel capacity planning we at Clobbi used such specialized APS/MES scheduling algorithms as Greedy algorithm and Genetic algorithm.



To improve the equipment efficiency company have to increase the availability of existing production assets and to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
Common current practice is that the most of the equipment of the manufacturing plants is serviced on the basis of preventive maintenance. Repairs or replacements of necessary parts and components of the equipment done if a predetermined time has passed.
But for most of the equipment probability of the failure does not really depend on the time of its service. That’s why the preventive maintenance approach is only suitable for 20% of the equipment.
The solution proposed by Clobbi is the maintenance of equipment based on its reliability (RCM concept).
The indicators of reliability of the equipment measured on a regular basis and ERP system build trends, using regression. The analysis of trends can predict the probability of equipment’s failure.
On the basis of this information, engineers make decisions as to when to begin the repair of this unit and when to purchase the necessary resources to avoid equipment failure.

For the enterprise, it is important to perform not only accounting tasks but planning activities. The solution for manufacturing planning is a complex software system that uses advanced algorithms.
Clobbi innovative solutions include latest achievements in the mathematics, allows you to quickly solve complex planning tasks and achieve high performance for the industrial enterprises of all sizes.

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