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Why you will fail to hire


Offer rejected – the candidate accepted the offer of another employer.

Manager – Why? How could this happen?

Recruiter – We thought too long.

Manager – But only three weeks have passed since my conversation with the candidate!

A recruiter – even two weeks would be too long! The candidate was on the market 3 weeks before you met him.

Manager – Did you know about the counter offer?

Recruiter – Yes and no. The candidate did not tell me that he was considering an alternative proposal. But, in fact, any talented specialist today receives several offers, and for a certain period of time, I would say, from 2 to 4 weeks, he is no longer on the market.

Manager – Well, what do we do with this problem?

Recruiter – the problem begins at the stage of selection. The long and tedious process of recruiting will tire any specialist. We will lose every time.

Manager – How can we improve our selection process to keep the best candidates?

Recruiter – Treat a candidate as he would like to be treated. Do not create insuperable barriers for him, reduce the length of the selection process, provide quick feedback, create meaningful and meaningful job descriptions, describe the working environment of your company, as well as the product or project, of which the candidate will become part.

Finally, ask for feedback about the selection process from the applicants and, upon receiving the information draw conclusions.

Today, in order to attract the best talent, the hiring process must be exciting and innovative.

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