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How to close vacancies faster


Recruitment is a time consuming process, and it takes a lot of time, even if you’re a professional recruiter.

Of course, team building is important task for creating a successful business, but, nevertheless, recruitment eats up a lot of time!

The key reason why so much time is spent on hiring staff is because it has to be repeated time after time, again and again. With a new candidate, you are going all the way from the very beginning, only to eventually find out that something goes wrong. This is a real recruiter’s pain.

Jeff Hyman pointed out four most common reasons why recruiting takes so much time.

Let’s see how to avoid unnecessary problems using simple solutions.


  • Candidate’s salary expectations are too high for your company

You have found a perfect candidate, only to find out at the end that his current remuneration slightly exceeds your estimated range for this vacancy.

Now you have to say goodbye to him, and start over again.

To avoid such situations, move the salary question to the first telephone conversation. Most candidates are interested in this contact as much as you are; they do not want to waste their time. So, just ask your candidate about his salary expectations in his next role.

In the recruitment automation system Clobbi.Recruitment it is comfortable to record the candidate salary expectations in the activity associated with the candidate. The system is able to find this information in the candidate’s resume.


  • The candidate has a non-refusal agreement.

You will be surprised when you find out how often candidates simply “forgot” about documents signed with their previous employer. They forget about them, lose their copy of the document, and some even never looked into it. This applies to employees of any level, not only to the top-level employees!

To avoid problems, during the first call ask about the scope of their agreement on refusal to compete.


  • Candidate answer “No” in response to your offer

Usually the reason for the refusal is not the salary, especially if you asked about the candidate salary expectations on time. Candidates quit because you didn’t process their hidden objections.

Therefore, during your first call, find out what annoys your candidate most at the current place of work. There can be a lot of reasons for dissatisfaction: micromanagement, insufficient budgets or frequent and lengthy meetings – each candidate have his own reason for looking for a new job.

Whatever the candidate’s response, it’s worth it to record it for yourself and come back to it at later stages of hiring process with this candidate to remind his pain. In Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Clobbi.Recruitment allows to record information that becomes clear during the work with a candidate. With Clobbi you will never lose or confuse important data.

  • The candidate has no recommendations.

You have reached the final stage of the hiring process only to find out that the candidate does not have recommendations or has them, but not those that your manager expect.

Therefore, at the first telephone contact, ask about the candidate’s recommendations – whether the candidate will be able to receive them and from whom exactly, in case you will reach the final stage of hiring. If it turns out that there will be no necessary recommendations, continue searching.

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