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How to win in a talent war


The use of social networks to search for candidates is not limited to the simple posting open vacancies on LinkedIn (although 90% of people do just exact that). This is especially true for cases when there is a shortage of personnel in the market. Our life-hacks will help you cope with such situations.

In order to attract, hire and retain the best specialists in a highly competitive environment, HR professionals must use all their skills. In this regard, recruitment in social networks (social sourcing) is becoming increasingly important. However, social recruiting is not a repost in a personal account of open vacancies of a company taken from a corporate blog!


Social sourcing, as most recruiters do it

We make a standard boring blog: “We are looking for <position name> …”

We place vacancy on a corporate site and receive the link to the page

We publish a post in the social network with a picture taken from the Internet, and with a link to the corporate blog

We get up to 500 post views (at best!)

CTA – up to 1%

Found candidates – 0. Hired – 0!


Smart social networks use

  • Formulate a question to your target candidate (you are forming a candidate portrait before the start of the selection, are you?)
  • Describe what the candidate can achieve
  • Explain what your company wants to achieve with the candidate
  • Place a link to the post in the corporate blog, which describes in detail the open position
  • In conclusion, call the reader to the discussion, thereby increasing the involvement and traffic to the post.


Adapt your message to a specific audience

When posting content, take into account features of the channel. Something that might work on LinkedIn should be reformulated for posting on Facebook or Twitter.

You should not expect that all you have to do is to change the text or replace illustrations of the post to fit the format of the social network. Consider what expect the audience of the social network in which you plan to post information about the vacancy. Well thought-out posting strategy will help you build supporters community in each social network. Posting a job vacancy, try to achieve the maximum number of reposts, to engage the target audience.


Use your own contact network

Contact the people in your own network of contacts (the first or second circle of contacts on the LinkedIn network) if they know a good candidate for the position you are trying to fill. Often, people offer a candidate simply because they want to help their acquaintance, or provide a useful service to members of their network of contacts. For you, this is a win-win strategy.

Call your network of contacts to tag friends suitable for the vacancy in the comments to the post. Do not just post a link to a page with a job! This approach will not be successful – such a post simply does not attract readers’ attention. To achieve success, write one or two paragraphs and specify skills that are critical for this job.

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