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Hubber – an effective enterprise management tool



Social network – isn’t just a trendy technology, it’s a modern communication culture, and with the passage of time, it becomes more and more popular in a corporate environment. Some supporters of social networks were attracted by the speed of reaction of the participants, while others appreciate the support of different hardware communications platforms. One way or another, tomorrow is with the social networks, so it is worth to spend five minutes and learn how this technology can improve your performance.

The communication platform Hubber is used for the exchange of information between employees of the company that is running the cloud ERP-system Clobbi, which is also based on the cloud computing technology. The main purpose of Hubber, like any other social network is to provide the effective communication tool for employees. In general, Hubber – is a universal tool for solving many management problems of the enterprise in a format of the social network with on-line notification of subscribers and instant feedback.

Do your employees spend too much time to respond to notification e-mail messages? Do you need a simple and reliable communication tool for instant notification of different groups of subordinates about orders and get fast feedback? Application of a corporate social network Hubber provides the involvement of all employees in the communication system of instant messages delivery, regardless of the current location of each employee and the connection method to the corporate network. Since Hubber is a cloud-based application, the connection to the internet is enough to have access to the full list of its abilities. You can send and receive messages from any device – Hubber supports traditional desktop systems as well as mobile devices based on iOS and Android platforms. Traditionally, people respond to social network messages faster than to e-mail messages. In addition, the ease of communication of the cloud computing environment ensures fast response to messages distributed over the corporate social network.

Do you want to keep track of important events of your enterprise? Hubber will help you cope with this task. Corporate social network links into a single communication environment employees of companies which form the supply chain (suppliers, dealers, customers). This extranet is a closed environment of corporate communications; the interaction is implemented in the traditional format of a social network. An important feature of Hubber is its orientation on a modern dynamical enterprise, so the main source of information in this system is not the staff of the company, but the cloud ERP-system Clobbi. That is, Clobbi generates a stream of messages in the format of social network and personnel of the enterprise reacts to these messages by starting activities. Wherever you are, with the Hubber you will not miss the information on the receipt of raw materials to the warehouse or the release of goods.


Another important difference of Hubber is its flexible access control to the messages in accordance with official duties of company’s employees. Thus, important information in the configured industrial system will be available only to authorized employees. The access configuration tool allows you to organize the direct horizontal channel of communication between employees, eliminating traditional involvement of the managers.

The basis of information interaction in Hubber are so called hubs (“hub” – the center of attention). Hubs are text messages of arbitrary content that has the format of social network messages and can contain links to the sources of information, as well as hyperlinks and characteristics in hashtag format. A discussion, issue-related text chat, can be connected to the hub. In discussions, employees can refine a task or clarify operational issues. Channels are sources of Hubber hub-messages. Channels and message types are strictly formalized.


Hub-messages on the channel «Department master of NC station» with the link to the to the source of information @IT_SVAA and typical characteristics in a hashtag format (#ZnP186) (iOS interface)


The subscription principle is used to access the hub-messages of the channels. This allows you to control access to information messages in accordance with official duties of company’s employees. Top management can subscribe to interesting channels to keep track of important events in the company. For example, reports on contract execution or on problem orders, etc.


Subscription to a channel «Workcenters downtimes (@DOWNTIMES)» (Android interface)


Push-notification mechanism allows you to familiarize predetermined group of employees with specific information and receive a fast confirmation of its receipt. Discussion connected to a hub-message helps to refine information in real time.

Messages timeline is the tool of ordering hub-messages. General messages timeline allows setting messages from channels to which you are subscribed in chronological order. If for some reason you can’t react to important messages they can be postponed and stored in the Favorites messages timeline. You can review the Favorites messages timeline later, easily find the postponed messages and react to them.


Hub-messages timeline (Android interface)

For more information on Clobbi IT solutions for the production department management of the enterprise, that allowing to increase the visibility and control of production, as well as business performance, please visit our section on industry solutions.

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