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Clobbi platform upgrade: APS/MES and chat bots. What’s next?



2017.04 update pack of the software platform Clobbi released on February 15. It includes improvements and many additions.

Major changes affected the operative APS/MES- and MPS production planning, social network solution, industry-specific solutions for the cable&wire manufacturing enterprises, specialized solutions for tendering procedures, as well as several others.

In particular, due to the transfer to the dummy links between tables, achieved a significant acceleration of production planning process. From 1 January 2017 commodity code was added to the list of mandatory attributes. The system changed to ensure the operation of enterprises in full accordance with the current state of the local law.

The web-mail client now has the ability to send mail on behalf of the user. For the convenience of setting parameters of sending and receiving mail the configuration register of mail servers was added to the system.

The chat-bot program of corporate social network Hubber was significantly improved.

Payroll formation was transferred to the new version of the system.

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