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People analytics for efficient recruitment


Recently, the analytical agency Forrester Research released an updated report on the use of analytical tools in the field of personnel management. The report notes that analysis tools help companies to find unobvious dependencies, which makes it possible to make more effective decisions.

A senior analyst at the Forrester Research report group opened the veil of secrets about which analytical tools the market leaders use in their business practices, how the use of these tools affects the company’s work, and what direction the industry will develop in analysts in the near future.


What are the trends in the use of data in the field of personnel management? Is it possible to say that the situation began to change and more attention is paid to the forecast analytics?

Five years ago, according to KPMG studies, only 15% of companies claimed that labor force analytics was used in the work of their HR departments. In 2014, this figure jumped to 23%. Current study shown that the number of enterprises that use analytical tools in HR is growing every year. With analysis tools companies hire and retain valuable employees, reduce financial losses and the number of unsuccessful hires.


Why do more and more companies use analytical software in recruitment?

The growing popularity of LinkedIn and other social networks has led to huge amounts of data accumulation. Moreover, the volume of information continues to grow rapidly. Having received such a source of the applicants data, recruiters needed a tool to process this information. Now, without use of analytical tools, it becomes very difficult to select suitable candidates. Despite the fact that you already have all the data in your hands, it is becoming more and more difficult to select a small number of candidates who meet the conditions of the employer.

Modern recruiting tools provide algorithmic tools to search for candidates in huge amounts of data.


What can you recommend to a recruiter who wants to incorporate analytical tools into his practice?

A recruiter should understand the needs of the business. Just ask yourself: “What does the company expect from me? What kind of employees does it need? What skills do they need? ”

The data that the company accumulates throughout its activity help to answer these questions.

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