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Recruitment automation with Applicant Tracking System


ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a system for automating, simplifying, and speeding up recruitment processes in a company. The benefits of using ATS become more obvious if you track the dynamics of the key recruiting performance indicators:
– hiring time
– hiring costs
– hiring quality

What is ATS
According to the Wiki, an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. Access to ATS functions can be implemented via the Internet.
Modern ATS offer a wide variety of tools to solve common recruiters problems, from searching for candidates to qualification controlling and to selecting the most suitable candidates.
The main purpose of automation systems is to reduce the time spent on routine recruiting operations.

Features and Benefits of ATS
So what exactly can ATS do for you?
A modern, well-designed system will offer you this range of possibilities:

  • powerful sourcing tool
  • massive job posting tool on a large number of job board sites
  • united centralized repository of candidates resumes
  • effective search tool with large numbers of keys by enriched database of applicants
  • applicants resume automatic parsing and indexing tools
  • advanced scheduling and time management tools for meeting appointment
  • automatical notification tool that can send messages to applicants via email, SMS, messengers
  • modern multi-channel communication tool
  • recruitment preformance analysis tool (visual dashboards with indicators dynamics tracking)
  • reporting tool

Based on the above functionality, ATS will provide the recruiter with the following benefits:

  • acceleration of all stages of the recruiting process
  • hiring cost reduction
  • improving the quality of hiring
  • formation of high-quality personnel reserve of the company
  • building a more open trust relationship with applicants
  • improving the quality of hiring decisions
  • simplified communications in a team of recruiters

The use of ATS in a company improves key recruitment indicators and allows to accurate measure them.

Reducing recruitment time
Hiring time is the distance of time from the opening of a vacancy to its filling. This time is for posting a job, its promotion, collecting responses, selecting candidates, interviewing them nd making a final hiring decision.
This metric reflects the recruitment performance and characterizes the difficulty of filling a position.

How ATS can improve hiring time
With ATS tasks that are function of the recruiter, can be significantly accelerated, if not completely automated. In particular, such tasks as parsing the resume, analyzing the applicant’s skills for compliance with the stated requirements, disqualifying inappropriate candidates, notifying applicants of the results of the selection.

Reducing the cost of hiring
The hiring costs is the sum of all costs incurred by a company for closing a vacancy. Calculatiion the real hiring costs was detailed in our blog. Knowledge of this indicator will allow you to more accurately plan the budget for recruiting.

How ATS improves hiring cost
The use of automation can significantly reduce the time for closing a job. As you know, time is money, and this case is no exception. The longer the vacant seat remains unoccupied, the more money the company loses. So it is necessary to take into account the growing costs of the promotion of vacancies, and lost profits due to the lack of a specialist.
Working with ATS, recruiters form a single centralized candidates pool. On its basis company builds its personnel reserve. When a new job appears, it will be possible to close it with a candidate from the company’s own personnel reserve.

Improving hiring quality
The quality of hiring is a complex indicator that takes into account many factors: the employees performance, average time between promotions, the level of staff turnover, etc.

How ATS improves hiring quality
It is known that qualified specialists do not stay long in the market. Therefore, the acceleration of the internal recruitment processes increases the company chances to get a high-level professional into its ranks, before other recruiters have reached it.
If the time of hiring at your enterprise takes too much time, the costs of promoting vacancies turn out to be very high, and staff turnover has become commonplace, you should consider implementing a system for recruitment tasks automation.

The cloud service Clobbi.Recruitment takes into account the best recruitment practice, implemented in many companies and offers a wide range of innovative tools for solving recruitment tasks. The quality of the Clobbi service is confirmed by the highest awards of international experts.

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