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Recruitment hacks. Experience pipeline


All those great posts on LinkedIn and other social networks “We are looking for talents!”, etc. etc. will remain just wonderful posts. What if instead of wasting your energy and recruiting budget you activate your social network connections and use them to attract targeted candidates for open vacancies?

In the field of recruitment, new tools that help recruiter at various stages of his work (screening, engaging, searching, etc), appear regularly. The problem is to understand what tool to use to increase work efficiency, and to evaluate whether a particular tool helps in increasing value.

This is where recruitment hacks comes in handy – they involve finding and exploring new opportunities to attract candidates and improve search methods. These hacks can be implemented without changing processes, time-consuming implementation or major changes to the existing system.

Today we will clarify how to engage candidates during the selection and hiring.


Engagement automation

We will assume that you are a professional recruiter and know how to attract the right candidates. But people usually want to see more than just a job post – to get started, they need a lot more information. When it comes to decisions to change something in a professional career, people need the following information:

What will be my new team? Will I feet to this team?

What are my career opportunities in this company? Is the career of employees developing there?

Which of my professional skills would this company need, and what can I get in return?

Does this company have a good reputation? Do they support their professional community?

All these questions are quite natural, so why not to answer them with a tool that is commonly referred to as the experience pipeline? Experience pipeline involves the sequence of content deliveries to a group of targeted candidates for some time, approximately 2-4 weeks. This sequence ends with a call-to-action. More importantly, this sequence of content helps readers to imagine your company as their new work place.


Here’s the possible content plan of the experience pipeline

Week 1 is a promotional message leading to a product/service article that the company provides to customers. The material calls to continue to get acquainted with the series of content posts.

Week 2 – advertising leading to an article that tells about the work of the team, geographically located near the place where your potential candidates live. The article concerns the social aspects of teamwork and demonstrates the balance of work and personal life.

Week 3 – advertising leads to a textual interview or video clip of a person who works on position close to the one your target candidates are applying for. This will allow your audience to feel what it is like to be an employee of your company.

Week 4 – advertising leads to the article of the head of your company, which emphasizes the key values ​​of the business, what value your company offers to its employees, as well as a call to action in the form of the discussion of working in your company.

The goal is to ensure that by the end of the series your audience is quite realistically aware of what work in your company appears to be and to form a clear desire to work for you. This is a simple sequence, and its effectiveness can be enhanced significantly with additional email messages and retargeting paid advertising.

Of course, you have to work to create such content. But it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

If you filter the audience to which the advertising message is directed using the advertisement targeting settings, your hiring actions will be very effective. At a cost of $10-20 per day, you can bring about 10 new applicants to your experience pipeline daily. By the end of 4 weeks you will have 5-10 involved candidates with whom you can seriously discuss the work in your company.

If you need more candidates, simply increase your campaign advertising budget. After a short time, you will easily estimate your monthly advertising budget based on the your job opening plan.

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