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Recruitment as a tool of strategic growth



An outstanding company is built around a team of excellent employees. Traditionally, during the recruitment process candidates tried to present themselves to their prospective employers in the most favorable light. Although today to stand out among other candidates, applicants still have to make some effort, the company also has to promote itself as a potential employer, thereby encouraging applicants to submit their resumes for consideration. Applicants may spend a few hours, collecting and systematizing information on potential employers. In part, this explains why 86% HR-professionals believe that today’s corporate hiring strategy is close to marketing.

But the main question remains: “How recruiting strategy of your company takes into account the current trends?”

By carefully planning activities and using modern applicant tracking system software, you will increase the efficiency of the filling of vacant positions. Analysts at leading agencies believe that in order to comply with modern global trends and to achieve the highest efficiency of the recruitment process, your selection of the applicant tracking system should provide the following capabilities:

– Full transparency on all stages of the recruitment process;

– Availability of social and mobile tools to search candidates and job search tools for potential candidates;

– Tools for the performance analysis of recruiters at all stages of the recruitment process.

Recruiting is the process of finding, selecting, hiring and retention of employees in the company to provide its effective operation. If a large number of candidates is found for the open position, it opens up more opportunities to select and attract the most suitable employee.

In turn, applicants are seeking a company that can offer them a job according to their qualifications. In a broad sense, recruiting links businesses with open vacancies on the one hand and job seekers, applying for a job on the other. According to Dale Yoder, recruitment is the process to “discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force “.

The company sets more significant tasks for the hiring team than just to fill open positions by any suitable applicants. Hiring an employee is accompanied by the assumption that it will remain in the company, and sooner or later his professional skills will grow. Consequently, the main concern is to analyze each applicant from the perspective of long-term work in the company.

The first step towards the adoption of a new employee – the publication of information about the job. Modern employers are well aware of the importance of recruiting social media and search engine optimization. Open position successfully posted on the social network, followed by a description of the working conditions, is able to reach a substantial audience of potential applicants. Corporate style elements included in such post are an additional driver for applicants. If your organization uses applicant tracking system Clobbi.Recruiting, visitors of your corporate Facebook page can fill application for an open position just in the post, and those data will be automatically stored in the cloud storage of your enterprise database.

However, modern recruiting system – isn’t just trendy features. Modern IT solutions allow recruiters significantly reduce search time by automating key steps to work with the candidates. The use of cloud computing technologies allows saving costs.

Today, most HR-professionals are investing in applicant tracking systems, which unite all the related processes into a single platform, while these tools explore pool of applicants. The use of such tools becoming a key factor in attracting qualified staff that is the sign of efficient operation of a recruiter. So, Clobbi.Recruiting system allows you to post on job search sites and social networks information about open positions in the company, to collect information on job seekers over social networks and job search sites. This system also allows to store information on contacts with applicants and analyze the pool of candidates for selection of the most suitable candidates. This toolkit provides full transparency of all stages of the recruitment and provides mobile and social tools for the recruiter and candidates.

Recruiting tools allow HR-specialists to analyze the metrics that are key to understanding the logics of the search process of job seekers. Understanding these trends will enable us more effectively organize the recruitment process – from composing the post with the information of vacancies to the adoption of the candidate. Applicant Tracking System generates data, which allows you to organize recruiting in the most efficient manner and to hire the best employees.

The software based on cloud technologies is a real treasure for the recruiter. Applicant Tracking System, as well as stepwise communication planning tool, will help you keep track of the current status of each candidate in the recruitment funnel. Thus, a specialized IT solution for recruitment is a key component to improving the performance of recruiter. All information on job vacancies submitted resumes and the results of contacts with applicants on each stage of the recruitment process are stored in the cloud storage, based on Microsoft Azure. This solution provides maximum data security and accessibility for employees and provides access to the tools of candidates’ management for every recruiter. Centralized data storage in the cloud and availability of analysis tools allows real-time tracking of the status of each candidate.

Technologies have a tremendous impact on the interviewing process. You will save a lot of time by transferring all communication with applicants to the Skype videoconference. Ideally, face to face interviews should be conducted only with selected candidates. The results of all the contacts are recorded in the applicant tracking system and ready for further analysis. IT allows to minimize time spent on the initial stages of the selection of candidates and to focus on contacts with selected applicants.

However, the main objective of effective recruitment is to reduce the labor turnover in the company, and this goal should be under constant the control of the management. According to research conducted by Aberdeen analytical agency, leaders of the recruiting management have set a very ambitious goal: retaining during the first year at least 94% of hired employees; actual performance indicators of hired staff should exceed projected by recruiters in 80% of cases; satisfaction rate of management with recruiters’ performance should be increased by 15% or more (year to year). As you can see, these indicators are directly linked to the quality assessment of the recruitment team work. For these purposes Clobbi.Recruiting offers an analytical tool that allows you to measure the performance of each member of the recruiting team at every stage of the recruitment process – from the initial collection of information about the candidates to the final decision on hiring. As a result, using modern tools of Clobbi recruitment management it is possible to reach the level of control that can be achieved by the world’s leading companies.

As you can see, cloud service Clobbi.Recruiting has all the qualities of the strong recruitment management solution for medium and small enterprises. If you have a properly formulated strategy you standardize the process of recruitment, reduce costs of the operations and increase the efficiency of the recruiting team.

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