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Revolution in HR world


Josh Bersin, one of the visionaries in the field of HR, who worked in this area for several decades and representing the consulting company Deloitte, released the report #futureofwork, in which he presented the main milestones of the industry in the coming years.

Needless to say, the report is already being actively discussed in the professional community around the world. A post on the author’s page on the social network Linkedin scored several thousand views and hundreds of comments. For HR specialists, this is not just an interesting reading, it is an indication of the direction in which the HR industry will develop in the coming years, which trends will gain popularity, and which, on the contrary, will soon lose relevance.

In our blog, we will focus only on a few trends that Josh Bersin has pointed out in his report.


From automation to efficiency tools

For many years in the HR field focus has remained on the automation and integration tasks. These include: payroll processing, personnel records management, employee training planning, searching and parsing resumes, interviewing and hiring, compensation registering, etc.

Of course, these tasks will remain important in the future, they just become routine tasks that need to be implemented in any applications. A wide range of cloud platforms has appeared on the market for solving personnel and salary management tasks, so you won’t look like a leader by simply offering a solution for automating common tasks (but if you don’t implement these tasks, your solution significantly loses its attractiveness compared to competing solutions).

However, a study by Josh showed that 45% still require basic automation. This means that the demand for basic HR management will continue to be high. However, the real “hot” topic will be the task of increasing efficiency.


World leaders in this field are now busy building agile organizations, targeted at small teams. There is a lot of work to be done in this area: professional burnout, focus maintaining and employee engagement are the problems to be solved in the near future with the help of email, instant messaging systems and other means of communication.

It remains an open question whether developers will be able to create software for HR that will solve the problems described, increase the efficiency of employees and help teams work better together. This is a challenge for the coming years.

Cloud HR Solutions are the target

The term “cloud solutions” become buzzword. You can easily recall over three dozens providers of personnel management, salary and recruiting providers who have released cloud versions of their products. In many cases, these suppliers also offer corporate ERP systems. Therefore, for most enterprises today the question no longer sounds “if we move to the cloud”, but “when” and “how”.

In practice, this was somewhat more complicated. Despite the fact that cloud solutions are rapidly “growing up”, only about 40% of enterprises in the world use cloud versions of human resources for personnel management. According to Josh’s experience, the transition of global companies to a cloud solution can take a year, if not more. So the “transition to the cloud” will be the trend for quite a long time. Accordingly, the question of which supplier’s decision to choose will still matter, since there are many customized solutions for HR on the market.




According to the expert, despite the fact that decisions for HR and salary management play an important role for the enterprise, managers are afraid to make the final decision regarding the choice of cloud solutions. The choice of technologies and systems that solve team interaction problems and increase the employee’s efficiency should be taken much more seriously than it is now. As a result, the architecture of your company’s IT system will look like a set of various services aimed at making the life of your employees easier. Most likely, these solutions will be from different suppliers.

What HR trends will continue, only time will tell. Josh Bersin believes that HRM solutions will increasingly become a “system for teamwork management”, and not “a system for talent management.”

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