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Tips to the applicants from a sales profi


Max Altshuler, the author of the popular book on sales technology Hacking Sales, and the CEO of the company with the same name, wanted to replenish the team of his company with a productive sales specialist. He not only achieved his goal, but also described the hiring process in a series of blog posts.

We all know that sales professionals are a very demanded category of employees. The performance of any business largely depends on their efficiency. Personnel recruiters will confirm that finding and hiring the best specialist in the field of sales is a great success.

As an experienced sales person, Max used all his eloquence to make his vacancy LinkedIn-post look as convincing as possible. For 3 days, thanks to the network of professional contacts, the ad gained 175k views, and over 150 candidates applied for employment. As a result, Max hired the best employee for his American company, without having a single meeting with the candidates – all this time he was at a professional conference in London!

Read practical advice from Max Altshuler in our blog regarding the hiring of sales professionals from the point of view of a busy leader.


How to increase your chances in the fight for the vacancy

– If you are responding to a resume that is posted on LinkedIn as a post, first contact the author of the post (similar to “friendship” on Facebook) and write a message to the vacancy author using LinkedIn’s internal messaging system.

– Make sure that the messages you send are structured and well-formatted so that they will be easy and convenient to read on mobile device.

– Before responding to a fancy job, ask one of your friends to tag you in the comments to the job post.

– “Sell” yourself! Ensure that someone of your mutual acquaintances with the employer recommends you in the comments under the vacancy post. So you automatically get to the top list of candidates.

– Work actively on your LinkedIn profile, because now it is your resume. Therefore, your profile should look professional.

– Share only relevant information in your account. Show your interest in those areas in which you want to position yourself as a professional.

– Get your gmail mail finally! Characters with personal mail on AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail look a little out of date.


What to avoid in the hiring process

– Do not hurry. Several people in the comments on Max’s job provided a broken link to their profile – it’s not clear what they were counting on.

– Do not be discouraged if your message is not answered immediately. A person making decisions in a company is usually loaded with a tasks. Most likely, he will allocate half-hour to the analysis of all resumes at the end of the day.

– Do not take the refusal too close to the heart, and even more so, do not burn bridges. If a manager wants to fill only one vacancy, he will hire the best. The best tactic for you will be to learn a lesson from this experience. Ask the employer for feedback, and draw conclusions from it for yourself. On occasion, inform that if in the future companies will need good specialists, you are ready to take part in the competition.

By the way, Max blurted out that he is writing a new book, and this time it will be a book about hiring!

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