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HR management

We developed Clobbi HRM service for you to streamline HR processes and save time. You can carry any process from receiving new employee to the employee payroll wherever you are. You will no longer spend much time on reports, all reports are generated with in a few clicks.

With Clobbi HRM you can:

  • Generate all the necessary documents for employment
  • Evaluate the needs and the availability of personnel, schedule changes of the organizational structure
  • Generate holiday graphics for future periods
  • Promptly obtain data on working hours and hours actually worked, analyze the reasons for the lack of personnel in the workplace
  • Calculate and pay the advance payment for time actually worked
  • Calculate deduction for employees, as well as contributions to the enterprise
  • Generate documents for the salary
  • Quickly and easily create reports

You can get all the relevant information about the personnel, to assess the cost of wages, to analyze the structure of costs and much more.

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