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Integration with other systems

Some businesses may have different automated systems, which together constitute a control system.
To ensure that the information in all systems are up to date, required the rules by which the flow of information are synchronized.

ERP-system integration with other systems is mainly used in these cases:

  • For various purposes integrable systems (eg, ERP-systems with CAD-system, with CAM-system, with specialized production systems).
  • During the transition period starting /implantation – when the immediate rejection of the old systems is impeded, and requires a gradual transition from the old system to the new system until the complete withdrawal of the outdated system out of work.

Available a one-way and two-way integration.
Integration implements the principle of a one-time data input and a common database information even during simultaneous use of multiple information systems.

Integration Clobbi implemented using web service, wich sends and receives requests in the format JSON.

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