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Service security

If you care about security of your data, then you should definitely know that …

… There are several uses for cloud services:

  • If you do not want to create your own data-center, you just rent it from other provider. Then cloud services are replacing private data center. You reduce your costs and get a higher level of data security.
  • Alternatively, you can use Clobbi as SaaS (software as a service), in this case, we perform  all organizational questions, software setup, installation and backup.

The use of cloud services gives you:

  • High availability systems with specified SLA.
  • A significant cost savings (hardware, software, data center organization, staff), clarity and predictability of payments.
  • High level of security, granting only authorized access, protection from third party “eyes and ears” (including competitors and regulators).
  • Data force majeure recovery
  • Cost savings for support and upgrades
  • Professional support team.
  • In addition, as a result, high productivity.

In any of these cases, you will care for about security. In General, the security system of any cloud consists of multiple components:

  • Security software product.
  • Accommodation of cloud service and service provider history.
  • The security system of the data center that hosts provided by cloud service.


Clobbi security system.


Clobbi Service is based on a fully functional ERP system IT-Enterprise.

Clobbi service is based on a three-tier architecture. You have full access only to client application level. Database server and the application servers run in secure data center.

Client application access only one TCP port/IT. All traffic between the client applications and application servers are encrypting by cryptographic means. If necessary, configures additional clipping published traffic TCP port that allows you to refine the treatment of “strange” IP addresses.

Access to the database server is fully closed. Your interactions with the database server happens through application servers.

Each user must authenticate their identities to begin operations in Clobbi by using account and password.

All attempts of guessing the password automatically tracking. In addition, system blocks identified violators.

All users divided into relevant functional roles or groups. Each role has access to according functional part of business logic, hence, to the relevant part of the data, and a set of conversion operations.

All operations performed on behalf of the user allows you to organize data, change auditing and logging. Clobbi also allows you to track list of user activity quickly at the current time.

The process of Clobbi placing and maintenance.

Clobbi server runs with highly qualified specialists. Employees, who have access to your server infrastructure, work exclusively within the internal standard to ensure the protection of confidential information.

Our employees carry out permanent monitoring and analysis of the key runtime settings, monitor performance, and routinely perform all necessary actions for optimization.

Clobbi performs automatically data backup.

Data center security system.

Clobbi runs on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure platform is a highly scalable, resilient cloud platform from Microsoft to create, host applications and data and provide them as services.

Clobbi uses Azure data center in Western Europe.

Microsoft Azure operates in geographically distributed data centers that correspond to basic industry standards of security and reliability-ISO/IEC 27001: 2005.

A global network of data centers developed by means of 24 hours a day operations. Each of them uses different functions to protect the system from power failure, physical intrusion, breakages of the network connection. These geographical distributed data centers meet industry standards for physical security and reliability. Microsoft does not delegate the maintenance tasks of their own data centers to other companies and Microsoft employees fully manage, monitor, and administer data centers.

Microsoft uses access mechanisms with a high degree of security, available only to a limited number of employees




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