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Our customers are our main focus. Clobbi developed a set of business applications so that you can concentrate on running your business. Your everyday success tells our story best.

Clobbi: 300+ customers  200 000+ users


Cable & wire industry customers:

“Kamsk Cable” – Russia’s largest manufacturer of cables and wires. The company has the wide product range, which includes more than 35000 cables and wires of different size. It’s products conform to Russian, UK, Germany and international standards (GOST, IEC, etc.). The number of employees is more than 3 000 people.
The project of complex automation of the plant started in June 2010. Today, Clobbi system covers the following areas of activity of “Kamsk Cable”:

Manufacturing Management;
Sales management;
Inventory Management;
Budgeting and financial planning;
Contract accounting;
Quality control;
Maintenance management and repairs of equipment;
HR management;
Clobbi ERP-system covers all aspects of the production, financial and economic activity of the enterprise and consists of modules, each of which automates certain tasks.




“UNKOMTEKH” holding – is the #1 manufacturer of cables and wires in the CIS. It includes the following trading and industrial platforms:

Trading house “UNKOMTEKH”
Plant “Kirskabel”
Plant “Irkutskkabel”

During this project, all business processes of the “Kirskabel” plant (4th biggest cable & wire plant in Russia)  were automated and optimized.
Implementation covers all departments of the company.

In 2014 “UNKOMTEKH” holding management team decided to unify and modernize business processes across the whole holding and to implement the best practices in the manufacturing sites based on the Clobbi platform.

In January 2015 “UNKOMTEKH” holding companies “Kirsk Cable” and “Irkutsk Cable” started the project of implementation of the design engineering of production with the Clobbi. As part of this project “UNKOMTEKH” began to use the specialized Clobbi solution Clobbi.CableDesigner. This solution allows you quickly perform calculations of design and technological regimes, etc. Based on design and technological data Clobbi generates master data for the optimal production planning, cost calculation, and other tasks.


Kirsk“Kirsk Cable” is a part of the “UNKOMTEKH” holding – one of the biggest cable and wire manufacturer in the CIS.

Since December 2014 operational production planning of the “Kirsk Cable” plant is based on the Clobbi solution Clobbi.APSMES 2015. This tool allows in a few minutes to calculate optimal production schedule based on the current situation in the production site.


Clobbi.APSMES 2015 allows to quickly schedule and re-schedule the manufacturing process on the basis of relevant information. Clobbi.APSMES 2015 solutions capabilities:

– High speed of planning: just a few minutes for the calculation of the optimal operational manufacturing plan.
– Multi-criteria plan optimization with the criteria prioritization. This capability is needed for constructing an optimal schedule for the current production situation. For example, for profit maximization in one period you have to concentrate on the operational performance of the single order while in the next period you have to reduce production costs
– Interactive interface for the decission maker. Gantt Chart in Clobbi.APSMES-2015 allows you to move jobs  with automatic rescheduling, and to analyze jobs according to the degree of delay.


sevcable“Sev Cable Holding” is the leader of the Russian cable & wire industry. 9 companies of the holding located in Russia, Ukraine, and Transnistria, produce over 20000 of cable products.

The main objective of the Clobbi implementation is a creation of a unified information management system for distributed holding enterprises. Was achieved centralization and standardization of the holding enterprise management system.

During the Clobbi implementation following tasks were solved:

– Supply chain management
– Inventory Management
– Manufacturing Management
– Budgeting
– Financial management
– Contract management


chuvash Plant “Chuvash Cable” is the Russian enterprise that produces a wide range of wires, RF coaxial cables, and  other wire & cable products.

Clobbi implementation project completed in 1998. ERP system covers all departments of the company. Full set of modules of the Clobbi ERP system for the operational business management is implemented (production engineering, manufacturing management, supply management, sales management, document management). Business applications for technical and economic planning, accounting and tax accounting as well as administrative management tools are also implemented.


sarabnsk “Saransk Cable” is one of the leading enterprises in the cable & wire industry and is constantly updating its product range, which is used by many industry branches. Among the largest consumers of the company are enterprises from the energy, construction and transportation industries, mechanical engineering and communication.

Clobbi management system is used on Saransk Cable” plant since 1998. The implementation project involved the following business processes:

– Sales Management and Marketing;
– Production planning and accounting;
– Calculation of planned and actual production costs;
– Cost accounting of the primary and secondary manufacturing;
– Accounting and tax accounting;
Covered economic planning and financial services, technology and quality services.



“Yuzhkabel” plant was founded 1943. Today “Yuzhkabel” is the largest enterprise for production of cable & wire products in Ukraine. Company produces more than 4500 products.

Automation project began in December 2003 and was a comprehensive implementation of the Clobbi ERP system in two stages.



During the project following modules of the Clobbi system were implemented:

– Technology engineering of production;
– Resource Planning;
– Inventory accounting;
– Goods issue accounting in production;
– Contract accounting;
– Sales management;
– Cost calculation;
– Accounting of the cost of primary and secondary manufacturing;



“Donbasskabel” is the large cable and wire production plant. It is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise equipped with high-tech equipment. Since March 2007, “Donbasskabel” is the part of the “Sev Cable” Holding.


Integral automation project at “Donbasskabel” plant includes the following Clobbi ERP system modules:

– Norm setting of production resources;
– Production engineering;
– Manufacturing management (MRPII, MES);
– Operational resources management;
– Price management;
– Procurement Management;
– Sales Management;
– Accounting for the actual production costs;
– Contract accounting;
– Accounting and tax accounting;


irkutsk“Irkutskkabel” is one of the top five largest Russian cable & wire production plants. Founded in 1966, “Irkutskkabel” is one few plants in Russia that have branched sales network.

The main objective of the automation project of “Irkutskkabel” is the improvement and harmonization of business processes on the base of an integrated Clobbi ERP system .

The project allowed to reject the use of heterogeneous systems (SyteLine, Ortems, etc.).

Clobbi implementation project allowed to optimize the following business processes:

– Classification and standardization of production resources within the holding company;
– Production engineering;
– Manufacturing Management;
– Sales Management;
– Procurement Management;
– Accounting and tax accounting;
– Calculation of planned and actual production costs;
– Financial planning and budgeting, analysis of the activity;
– Document control.


In addition to the projects in the cable & wire industry Clobbi team has specific knowledge and extensive experience of work with companies from many other industries


poltava mining5 “Ferrexpo Poltava Mining” is one of the largest mining companies in Ukraine and CIS. This plant is  the main  Ukrainian exporter of iron ore pellets.

The implementation project of an integrated ERP system at “Ferrexpo Poltava Mining” was divided  into two stages.

The first stage included modules:

– Financial management and control
– Inventory Management
– Sales Management
– Contract management
– Tax accounting
– Accounting in the International Financial Reporting Standards
– Asset Accounting (according to national standards, the tax, according to IFRS)
– Human Resources Management and Payroll
The second stage included modules:

– Financial planning and budgeting
– Calculation of planned and actual cost
– Maintenance and equipment repair
– Procurement Management
– Design and production engineering for repair departments
– Quality control
Interpipe is an international manufacturer of seamless and welded pipes and railway wheels. The company is among the ten world’s largest producers of seamless tubes.
“Nyzhnyodniprovsky Pipe Plant” is the largest Eastern-European manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes, as well as one of the three largest producers of railway wheels.


The enterprise automation project based on the Clobbi ERP system was launched in April 2004 and was completed in 2005.

The first stage of implementation of the system included the automation of financial management and budgeting, accounting and tax accounting, fixed assets accounting, contract accounting, HR management, procurement management and inventory control, accounting of finished goods and material management.

The use of an integrated system allowed to simplify the work of staff, to eliminate duplication of operations, and to ensure the accuracy of the entered information. The company created a powerful platform for further development. The base of this platform is the development of unified classifiers of inventories, resources, semi-finished and finished products; the formation of a maintenance and development team, that have knowledge in the domain areas; a synchronized work of the departments in the environment of changing business processes; centralization and formalization of the document management.
nibulon_logo  “NIBULON” is one of the largest producers of agricultural products (wheat, barley, corn, rye, etc.).

The main objective of the corporate system implementation is to build effective management system, to  consolidate production processes, to integrate all activities in a single information environment.



The implementation of the Clobbi ERP system in the “NIBULON” company involves a gradual development of the management system in the key areas of its economic and industrial activities. This approach will minimize the costs of the project and modernize business processes, increase the efficiency of the enterprise.


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