Cable & wire industry solutions

Clobbi – optimal management for the cable & wire industry

Clobbi is a business solutions provider for cable & wire industry since 1993.

Clobbi specializes in digital transformation, optimization of manufacturing business processes and automation for Cable&Wire based on the Industry4.0 SmartFactory ideology: R&D (CableDesigner), virtualization & modelling of production process (DigitalTwins), people and equipment integration (Industrial IoT), optimal production planning (AI, APS/MES), equipment predictive maintenance systems (RCM).

Clobbi Advantages

Clobbi is a unique and exclusive platform for digital transformation of cable&wire manufacturing companies based on Industry 4.0 SmartFactory ideology, including tailor-made business processes and best management practices.

Ready to use classification of all cable&wire production resources

Clobbi provides a more than 170,000 types of preconfigured classified production resources: finished products, semi-finished products, materials, drums, waste, equipment.

The classification is based on the concept of faceted coding formalizing resources’ basic features. This exclusive normative base gives the opportunity to start using the system immediately after installation.

Specialized CAD system for cable design

One of the exclusive functionalities of Clobbi is the tailor-made CAD system – CableDesigner. This is a unique solution for technology and engineering production process preparation that is based on formalized methods and allows to perform design calculations, calculation of norms, and technological base. Using CableDesigner for production engineering process you controls the basis of the future production cost.

EAM – Enterprise Asset Management

EAM – Enterprise Asset Management based on RCM standard (reliability centered maintenance) reduces maintenance costs and increases overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Extended CRM&Sales for cable&wire

Clobbi includes sophisticated tools for CRM&Sales and WMS taking into account cable&wire production specifics

  • full cycle of sales process management from the first interaction with Client to product shipment and settlements
  • monitoring  and control of customer specifications (for lengths, drums, coilings, markings); reservation of finished products by lengths\drums; management of discounts\margins and calculation of the planned profitability of the contract, etc.
  • WMS with details regarding remaining length on each drum and number of drums

Clobbi is an opportunity to increase sales volumes by optimization of the sales management business processes.

Production management based on Industry4.0 SmartFactory

Clobbi.SmartFactory concept:

  • allows to arrange production management with multi-criteria optimization intershop planning (APS/MES) and “label” accounting in production.
  • achieve the planned indicators in terms of production yield, terms of orders, customer requirements, timing of picking and shipping.
  • “Label” accounting allows management and production personnel to ensure the achievement of the planned key indicators of the approved plan through on-line monitoring of the manufacturing process.
  • The event management model and automatic response of the management system, depending on the change in the production situation, allow to create a digital management system.

Industrial Internet of Things concept and integration with cable equipment provides on-line monitoring of the manufacturing process and DigitalTwins that allow to control the process from any point of the world.

Operating results of Clobbi implementation


Output Volume Increase Customer Service Level Increase
 – Developing realistic production plan – Increased % of orders that meet target date
 – Increased bottlenecks’ throughput – Increased % of customer requirements met
 – Increased Customer service level – Reduced terms of packaging and shipment
 – Better supplies of materials
  – Improved provision of packaging
  – Improved alignment of sales, planning, purchasing, finance, production & maintenance services



Inefficient Inventories & Losses Decrease Increased Enterprise Manageability
 Reducing the ineffective inventories of semi-finished products Transparency of manufacturing process
 Reducing the inefficient inventories of materials in the shop Production output volume control indicators
Reduced terms of packaging and shipment Improved alignment of marketing, sales, planning, purchasing, finance, production & human resources
Reduced materials overrun