Get the most of your
Cable & Wire manufacturing
Clobbi is an intelligent software platform with
built-in industry knowledge for Cable & Wire.

We create end-to-end solutions within the Industry 4.0
Are you familiar with these situations?
  • Customers want to receive their orders faster
  • Competitive market means stricter quality requirements
  • Equipment breakdowns put manufacturing on hold
  • Human errors affect the whole business.
  • Low margin makes it necessary to optimize the share of
    human labor and resources in the cost structure
Industry 4.0 addresses these challenges
Connects people, equipment and data in a single ecosystem
Guarantees stable quality of products
Equipment and personnel work in a reliable and effective way
Facilitates production management and making real-time decisions
We do not automate but solve our Clients' business challenges with a measurable economic effect
Clobbi's end-to-end solution covers all stages of manufacturing
Product Design, Engineering and Quotation
Empower your engineering
Production Planning & Scheduling
Reinvent planning
Manufacturing Execution
On-time execution and higher effectiveness
Quality Control
Guarantees stable quality of products
Equipment Maintenance
Sustain your equipment
We create solutions within the industry 4.0 paradigm
Clobbi Platform for Cable & Wire
A seamless solution for Cable & Wire manufacturing
  • Design for all cable and wire
    rope types
  • Visualization: 2D, 3D, AR/VR
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Single repository of all cable designs
  • Faster quotation and higher
    customer service level
  • Shorter time to market

For whom: Sales, R&D, Engineering /
Product Design / Process Design,
Cost calculation, Standards
Engineer, Labor Economist

  • Master Production Scheduling including lengths, tolerance and drums
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (materials, semi-finished and finished goods, equipment)
  • Operation bucketing considering Cable & Wire specifics: semi-finished goods, packaging capacity and waste
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling and real-time rescheduling (APS online)
  • Scenarios simulation

For whom: Head of Manufacturing, Planning Department, Sales, shop floor supervisors and personnel, Product Design, Supply & Procurement, Quality Control, Head of Technology / Chief Technologist, Equipment Maintenance

  • Autogenerated role-based production tasks: web and mobile interfaces
  • Actual production status and OEE dashboards
  • Shorter manufacturing time
  • Production accounting and control, minimizing batch costs
  • Compliance with standards for material consumption and equipment use

For whom: Head of Manufacturing, Planning Department, Sales, shop floor supervisors and personnel, Product Design, Supply & Procurement, Quality Control, Head of Technology / Chief Technologist, Equipment Maintenance

  • Materials quality control
  • Continuous real-time quality control
  • Traceability of finished goods
  • Total Quality Management
  • Predictive Quality Control

For whom: Head of Manufacturing, Planning Department, Sales, shop floor supervisors and personnel, Product Design, Supply & Procurement, Quality Control, Head of Technology / Chief Technologist, Equipment Maintenance

  • Higher equipment availability
  • Real-time condition monitoring tools and alerts
  • Real-time guidelines and tips for independent primary support
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Tools for maintenance requests management
  • Maintenance scheduling and checklists
  • Tracing and investigating unexpected shutdowns
  • Reducing equipment maintenance costs
  • Asset life extension

For whom: Equipment Maintenance, Head of Manufacturing, Supply & Procurement, Finance

  • Visualization and virtualization of all physical assets and processes
  • 3D shop floor modeling, AR/VR
  • Online data monitoring, alerts
  • Scenarios visualization
Clobbi's Benefits by Roles
Investors & Management
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  • Better understanding of real profit and loss structure
  • Room for margin increase due to transparent product cost structure
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Increased output with the same production resources
  • Cost-saving due to optimal equipment performance and managing semi-finished products
  • More clients and higher satisfaction level due to faster service and guaranteed quality
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  • Faster order processing
  • 3D product modeling
  • Shorter time to market
  • Budget-oriented offering
  • More customers
  • Higher customer satisfaction level
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  • Optimal production planning including lengths, tolerance and drums 
  • Real-time automated production rescheduling 
  • Strict compliance with the Bill of Materials and manufacturing parameters 
  • Cross-cutting stock management: materials, semi-finished products, spare parts 
  • Monitoring work in progress 
  • Understanding maintenance periods 
  • Waste and scrap reduction, optimal use of energy and natural resources
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  • On-time production execution 
  • Real-time automated production rescheduling 
  • Real-time automated production rescheduling 
  • Batch traceability 
  • Autogenerated digital rolebased production tasks with all parameters 
  • Human errors minimization, higher staff effectiveness 
  • Guaranteed and stable quality of products
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  • Breakdown prediction, increased availability 
  • Parts replacement scheduling 
  • Life cycle extension 
  • Control over compliance with equipment maintenance standards 
  • Tool for maintenance budgeting 
  • Tracking expensive tools and gear, stock management 
  • Tool for work orders balancing and prioritization 
  • Online equipment control 
  • Working hours calculation
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  • Structured repository of all cable designs 
  • Comprehensive tool for fast and accurate design & quotation 
  • Shorter time to market 
  • Engineering of both materials and technology 
  • Production cards synchronization in real-time 
  • Minimized risk of errors
Our Clients' Performance with Clobbi
Implementing Industry 4.0 systems has a complex impact on all business processes in the company. According to Mckinsey & Company, value is measured by six core indicators. Clobbi's solution enables companies to get even more from 4.0 technologies.
Proven by 40+ industry leading companies
30% of cable in Eastern Europe is produced
under Clobbi management.
Our Services
  • Examination
  • Automation priorities & Goals
  • Recommendations & Scope of work
Digital Transformation Strategy & Roadmap
  • Enterprise digital transformation strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Step-by-step execution plan
Project Implementation
  • End-to-end digital transformation enterprise projects
  • Scalable module automation
  • Project management
Support & Post-implementation Development
  • Support
  • Solution evaluation development
  • Solution scaling
Advisory & Workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Competences center creation
  • Workshops & Knowledge transfer
We guarantee successful
Industry Insights
Our expertise is based on real Cable & Wire industry challenges and experience
25+ years in Cable &
Niche software vendor and integrator with relevant experience
Experts &
Team of certified experts and own patented implementation methodology
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Flexible pricing & licensing model. Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
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