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About Clobbi
Clobbi will help to implement the digital transformation of your company, based on the experience of successful cooperation with dozens of companies of different scale and industries. With Clobbi solutions you will be more efficient in solving operational and strategic business management problems.
For effective decision making you need up-to-date, verified information. Clobbi provides full transparency and manageability of your production plant - from planning to control the execution of decisions. With Clobbi, all business information is available in real time from anywhere in the world and on any device!
Clobbi is the information system for manufacturing enterprises that provides efficient production planning, inventory management and supply chain management, and allows you to control the cost of products. With Clobbi, your business becomes more efficient, competitive, and quickly responds to changing market conditions.
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Sergey Fadieiev
Machine-building industry solutions expert
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Cable&wire industry solutions expert
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EAM solutions expert