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About Clobbi

  • 300+ successful projects
    British and Ukrainian specialists developed Clobbi, using international material and technological base and 28 years of experience in ERP-systems development.
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    Freedom of movement, perfect memory and correct calculations. Ability to build consistent relationships for maximum efficient manufacture operations.
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    Clobbi is a cloud service for your business, cloud ERP-system which doesn’t require much investments and simple in use. You don’t need to buy heavy ERP-systems, as we put all the necessary functionality to the Clobbi cloud.
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    Events organization and implementation, corporate e-mail, coordination of department’s operations and overall on-line control, as well as scheduling tasks for a specified period, it’s all possible with Clobbi.
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    Secure access to information worldwide. Safety ensures through use of Microsoft Azure platform as a basis for our service. Microsoft Azure platform is a highly scalable, resilient cloud platform from Microsoft.
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    Reasonable price
    You get two parallel user accesses for more than reasonable price. In this start package you get preconfigured software, set of background information, preconfigured roles and desktop for each role, instructions and document samples.
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    Service security

    If you care about security of your data, then you should definitely know that … read more

  • choice
    Как выбирать ERP?

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Enterprise management using cloud ERP solutions

The enterprise management – it is a complex process which requires to take into consideration many factors and conditions, the control of production and technological processes, the stages of production and the sale of products.

The organization and management of the company affect a wide range of activities of the company, starting with the starting with the staff recruitment and its administration and ending with the production and sale of finished products.

The management of production activities of a company is a complex process, consisting of controlling several aspects, accounting for the costs of purchasing raw materials and equipment, introducing modern technologies, solving issues of storage and marketing of products.

Clobbi company opens for business leaders new ground in the management of production, introducing modern cloud computing technology for the organisation, accounting and control of the company.

Cloud based production management platform Clobbi allows the company:

  • Monitor all stages and production processes;
  • Assign tasks to employees of various industries and monitor their implementation;
  • Monitor implementation of assigned tasks;
  • Supervise the supply of raw materials, plan purchases and track the remaining stock in the warehouse;
  • Establish cooperation with partners, monitor all the deliveries of products.

Manufacturing process management with the help of Clobbi greatly simplifies the process and improves the efficiency of the company.

Effective business management is guaranteed by Clobbi service benefits, such as:

  • Fast implementation speed;
  • Ease of use;
  • High security.

Taking advantage of our cloud service, you can greatly simplify the management of the production process at any level.

Contact our experts for more information on what you need to organize the management of production in your company using Clobbi.

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