How to get
your manufacturing
under control?

Over 200 000 users have become
more efficient with Clobbi platform

Clobbi allows to easy and comfortably
schedule and execute
manufacturing plans

Estimate order lead time, based on actual facility load

Build manufacturing plans for a certain period of time

Provide maximal manufacturing speed while keeping the quality of your product

Guarantee and achieve planned order lead time

Increase the throughput capacity of the company

Save money and invest the savings in the further development of your company's ability to increase the manufacturing capacity

Store your data on secure servers. To provide the service, we use Microsoft Azure - one of the most secure platforms in the world

7 sure signs that
you need Clobbi

The company is losing customers due to lack of systematic planning and control of working with clients

Failure to deliver orders on time due to manual control (Lead time, costs, status estimates)

It is not possible to quickly estimate product/order cost and to calculate the cost options for making decision

Inefficient manufacturing process, unexpected and unexplained changeover, missed deadlines in the production

The company incur unplanned costs due to lack of deviations control — the actual costs exceed planned costs and margin is decreased

It is difficult to plan supplies with high accuracy

There is no operational information about the status of stocks in the warehouse

How your company can save costs with Clobbi
and perform better

Image - Quality control in manufacturingImage - Quality control in manufacturing
Calculation of the optimal manufacturing plans Clobbi allows to build manufacturing plans, ensuring that the required amount of products are manufactured in minimal time and with minimal costs.

Manufacturing control systems currently present on the market normally require powerful computers to run. Clobbi is different – it will run perfectly on any mobile device.

Clobbi wil generate shift tasks for every worker, and deliver them directly to your smartphone!
Image - Manufacturing controlImage - Manufacturing control
Barcode-enabled minute-by-minute accounting with the barcodes in the mobile app plus, manufacturing identification Automatic cost control for each operation and on the each stage.
Image - Manufacturing controlImage - Manufacturing control
Full batch tracking for the manufacturing Quality control in manufacturing has never been so easy! You can always see which stage the production is on and control the compliance of batches and manufacturing speed to your plans.
3D-shop — your window into the production facility from anywhere in the world You can freely travel around the world — and your manufacturing facility will always be just a touch of a screen away
Image - Manufacturing control softwareImage - Manufacturing control software
Automatic manufacturing and supply coordination Manufacturing control software should save you time, effort and money.

Clobbi plans enterprise supplies «just-in-time» and prevent excess stocks — you save up to 30% of the costs.
3D-CAD systems integration You can quickly and easily transfer product structure from CAD-system to Clobbi. This significantly decreases time of filling resource registers of the company.
Image - Manufacturing control softwareImage - Manufacturing control software
Dashboard is your visual tool of manufacturing state analysis, anywhere in the world Manufacturing control depends on instant access to data.

Wherever you are, you can get all the general information and statistics on your company performance.
Testimonials and references

This is a powerful enterprise-level tool for efficient decision making, that allows to develop business.

Svetlana Rupasova, Biysk boiler plant

This is an optimal solution for medium and large industrial enterprises.

Yury Arsentiev, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the IT, Poltava ore mining and dressing plant (Ferrexpo group)

This is a modern management system, that keeps up with the times and even ahead the time.

Andrey Shidlovsky, industrial-building group “Kovalska”

The system allows to manage all business-processes of a large manufacturing enterprise within the single solution.

Adrey Dynnyk, metallurgic “Interpipe steel”