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Management and automation of the cable & wire production

Clobbi – optimal management for the cable & wire industry

Clobbi is a business solutions provider for cable & wire industry since 1993. The main competencies of the company in the field of cable& wire industry and holding companies are industrial consulting, business process re-engineering and optimization, development, delivery and implementation of advanced production management system, software for the control of equipment repairs, manufacturing quality control, finance management and human resources management.

 Experience of Industry 4.0 implementation for cable & wire manufacturers, ICF 2016 Congress, Hong Kong


Operating results of Clobbi implementations in the cable & wire industry

Increase the volume of output

Developing realistic production plan;

Increased output of products that do not pass through the bottlenecks;

Increased bottlenecks load;

Increased customer service level;

Increased supplies of materials;

Improved provision of packaging;

Improved coherence of the sales, planning, purchasing, finance, production and repairs services.


Increased customer service level

Increased % of orders that meet target date;

Increased % of customer requirements met;

Reduced terms of packaging and shipment;

The improved coherence of the sales, planning, purchasing, finance, production and marketing services.


Reducing the inefficient inventories and losses

Reducing the ineffective inventories of semi-finished products;

Reducing the inefficient inventories of materials in the shop;

Reduced terms of packaging and shipment;

Reduced materials overrun.


Increased enterprise manageability

Control indicators of production output volumes and orders that meet target date;

Transparency of the manufacturing;

Improved alignment of the sales, planning, purchasing, finance, production and marketing services.


The economic benefits achieved in completed projects

Increased production volumes by 5-15% (due to the optimal APS/MES planning);

Increased to 9x% discipline of shipment (due to development of the through business processes of order fulfillment);

Reduced levels of inefficient inventory by 10-40% (due to the calendar planning of supplies and sales);

Decrease up to 5-10% of penalties (due to the contract execution control).


cable &wire manufacturing


Clobbi advantages

Fast deployment of the management system. The company can start to use the service immediately.

Economically soft start of the management system. Initial investments are minimized as there is no need to buy expensive high-end equipment.

Functionability of the service is guaranteed. Scheduled maintenance and technical support of the system is the responsibility of the developer. You can fully concentrate on the daily use of the system and the development of your business processes.

The scalability of the service. The company can extend the functionality of its management system and purchase additional licenses when it’s necessary.

Availability of the management system. Clobbi provides access to its functions twenty-four hours, seven days a week. At the same time, users can work with their management system from any computer via the Internet.

Own “rules of the game” – it is possible to configure the system considering individual characteristics of the business processes organization in the enterprise.

Integrated enterprise information system – it is possible to use not only the production and logistics solutions, but all modules integrated in the ERP-system, such as project management, financial planning and budgeting, production enterprise asset management (EAM), total quality management (TQM), supply chain management (SCM), human resource management and payroll, accounting and tax accounting, analysis and optimization of activities.

Integration with other information systems of the company – it is possible to build a single informational space using Clobbi and other information systems of the company (accounting, payroll, etc.)


cable &wire manufacturing


Benefits of Clobbi implementation

Clobbi provides the ready classification of all production resources (finished products, semi-finished products, materials, packaging, wastes and equipment – more than 170,000 codes). This classification is based on the principles of faceted encoding with formalization of the basic resource characteristics. This framework allows to effectively use the system immediately after its installation.

One of the unique features of Clobbi is the specialized CAD solution – CableDesigner. This is a unique IT-solution for the design engineering and production engineering, which allows performing structural analysis, calculation of production norms and technological base on the basis of formal methods. Using CableDesigner for production design engineering, you control the future production costs.

Clobbi includes tools for sales and inventory management that take into account the specifics of cable & wire production (warehouse management detailed to each segment of the drum and each lot of the cable hank; control of customer requirements by cable lengths, packaging, spooling, marking, military acceptance; reservation of finished products; discounts/charges management and calculation of the planned profitability of the contract). Clobbi – is an opportunity to increase sales volumes by optimizing the management of sales business processes.

Production management based on MRPII standards, CRP and APS/MES is one of the main competitive advantages of IT-Enterprise for the cable & wire industry. The solution includes business processes for sliding multilevel management – ranging from the strategic plans of the commodity-nomenclature groups, to the master production schedule of the orders (MPS-plan), to the detailed plans of capacity utilization and materials requirements, and to the multi-criteria optimization shop-level scheduling (APS/MES). All this allows the company to maximize usage of manufacturing assets, increase the volume of output and to achieve the desired levels of customer service.

“Shop of the future” is the concept of Clobbi that allows you to organize the production management and label-based accounting based on modern mobile technologies. The production order is immediately available for workers on a tablet or mobile phone. Registration of completed operations is performed by the workers via the mobile terminal. Each technological drum and coil is identified by its own label, containing the barcode and characteristics of semi-finished product. “Shop of the future” – is a simple solution to achieve planned production volumes, orders lead time, customer requirements, terms of packaging and shipment. Label-based accounting in Clobbi allows management and production staff to achieve planned key performance indicators of the approved plan through the on-line process control.

Calculation of planned and actual costs in the Clobbi is a way to create a system of monitoring and continuous costs reduction.



Basic functions of Clobbi

Manufacturing management

Planning of production and capacity utilization – MPRII

Full implementation of MRPII standard. Open planning model.

SOP-planning. Long-term planning of sales and production – forecast of sales, production plan, resource requirements;

MPS-planning. Building alternative master production plans – “make to order”, “assemble to order”, “make to stock”. Rough-cut capacity planning (RCCP);

MRP-planning. Detailed planning of production of semi-finished materials and materials requirements;

CRP-planning capacity requirements for work centers. Planning models – for unlimited capacity for limited capacity with a time delay for mixed loading, etc…

At each level of planning specifics of cable products is taken into account: custom lengths, packaging, manufacturing design, cable colors, isolation colors, types of acceptances, tolerance etc.


Operational optimization management of production subject to the restrictions (APS/MES-planning)

Management at the enterprise level and/or shop level:

According to commercial/industrial optimization criteria such as the execution of production orders on time or with minimal disruption, maximizing equipment utilization, reducing the total duration of the production cycle, increasing production capacity, maximizing marginal income, and so on;

By planning models according to a limited/unlimited/mixed load of work centers, taking into account their current availability;

Priority queues of production orders for work centers according to various methods;

Consider current availability of materials and semi-finished goods;

Consider single or multiple load schemas;

Aggregation of production orders for finished products and semi-finished goods;

Selection of the optimal technology process and batch size, with parallelization of operations between the main and alternative capacities, and taking into consideration various schemes of transferring between work centers;

Special optimization methods of production;

Building daily production orders for work centers, building daily orders for transfer of semi-finished goods and for the supply of materials;

Integration with SCADA systems, automation systems and their equipment


Production shop of the future and on-line accounting of material flows in production

Production accounting is based on the modern mobile technologies (mobile phones, tablets, mobile label printers);

Production orders, material transfer orders, goods issue orders available via the mobile terminals immediately after receiving the approval form the production scheduling service – no need for paper documents, increased replanning response rate;

Accounting for materials and semi-finished goods in the production (for operations, orders, equipment, locations), scrap registration done directly by workman on the mobile terminal;

Each technological drum and coil identified with their own label which contain a bar code and the material characteristics;

Accounting of goods and semi-finished products issue in manufacturing by cost centers, orders, and production stages, lot-for-lot accounting;

Unification of production, labor and material accounting records in the primary production documents;

Inventory reports by workshops and production areas (monthly, daily, and per shift reports), control and analysis of material expenditures deviations in real time.


Competitive advantages of production management with the Clobbi

Increase production volumes achieved by addressing following problems:

Production planning consider the length of sales orders and restrictions on the minimum and maximum technological length of the production process, reservations of the stocks of finished products, and semi-finished goods, not tied with the orders;

Scheduling of capacity utilization;

Generate optimal APS\MES-production plans, taking into account such cable & wire production features as: planning that takes into account the lengths of spooling on the technological coil, taking into account the multiplicity in multi-wire cables, different colors in multi-wire cables; planning lengths and lots of semi-finished goods considering cable spooling operating standards depending on drum type specified in the order; planning taking into account current availability of materials, materials “in transit” and planned delivery time of materials from the purchase orders, availability of labor, tools, equipment, optimized changeovers; planning taking into account of alternative designs, alternative equipment, alternative packaging; planning of consumption and release of the technological packaging (drums, coils etc.) by technological operations, including auxiliary operations of rewind of semi-finished products;

Daily material requirements planning;

Operational production rescheduling;

Monitoring of output indicators changes during the month, depending on the change of the production program and the actual variances;

Organization of implementation of the approved plan;

Planning the daily requirements of the packaging;

Access to the “windows” of the production plan for the repair services


Improvement of customer service level attained by:

Forecasting the “promise window” of orders execution on their acceptance considering length of semi-finished goods, material resources balances, utilization of equipment and manpower;

Detailed APS/MES planning and forecasting of orders execution;

Controlling planned and real-time of orders execution;

Analysis of missed deadlines by the factors;

Detailed planning, control, and analysis of customer requirements execution (packaging, to custom lengths, insulation colors, designs, tolerance);

Detailed control of order status;

Daily material requirements planning;

Operational production rescheduling;

Implementation of the approved plan;

Generation the schedule of the drums output.


Increased manageability attained by:

Operational control of key indicators by the volumes of production and the timing of implementation of the promises;

Better coordination of departments and services, focusing on a single detailed (APS/MES) production plan;

Transparency of the manufacturing process.


Reducing of wastes and losses of inventories achieved by:

Detailed planning requirements for semi-finished products;

Control of ineffective semi-finished products inventory;

Material requirements planning takes into account the availability of materials in the shop;

Accounting of work-in-process (WIP) in the shops/sites/work centers by production orders, sales orders, warehouse storage places, by cable drums, coils, hanks and fixation the history of the transition in the warehouse;

Control the level of WIP;

Detailed planning, control, and analysis of the customer requirements execution;

Detailed material requirements planning;

Control of goods issue in the shop;

Operational control of materials excess consumption.



Classification and standardization of production resources

Ready preconfigured classification of all cable plant resources: products, semi-finished products, materials, packaging, waste, equipment, etc. – more than 170 000 products and semi-finished products;

Hierarchical and facet classification, formalization of the basic product and semi-finished product characteristics (sorts, number of cores, cross-sections, design of conductor, core identifications, screen, voltage, color, performance, etc.);

Corporative multilingual classifier;

Stage-wise business processes of work with classifiers.


cable &wire manufacturing


Clobbi.CableDesigner. Designing preproduction and production design engineering


Design engineering

Designing cables;

Modeling scenarios “what if …”;

Multiple calculations of different sized designs of the product line;

Comparing the results of several calculations;

Preconfigured design calculation methods for major cable types (more than 1,000 ready methodic);

Generation and print of the design documents;

View the sketch of the calculated cable product.


Production engineering

Modular BOMs that take into account alternatives – different designs and processes of cable & wire production;

Development of production technology;

Calculation of technological modes, processes, utilization rate of the equipment;

Calculation of utilization rate of technological and commercial packaging;

Mass technological calculations. Scenario simulation “what if …”;

Preconfigured methods of technology calculation;

Generation and print of technological documents (sketch cards)


Norm setting for the production resources

The open model of norm setting of the production resources (main and auxiliary materials, labor, equipment, commercial and technological packaging, waste, recyclable waste, energy);

Alternative norm setting of production resources


Management of the contract activities

Classification and formalization of the contractual relationship;

Terms of supplying, terms of payment, “events” of the contractual process, charts “event-action”;

Catalog of contracts and electronic archive of all contractual documents;

Electronic coordination and approval of the contractual documents;

Control of execution of contractual obligations in sales management business processes;

Planning and control of payments under the contractual terms of payment.


Sales and inventory management

Sales management

Long-term planning of sales and operations;

End-to-end business process of receiving and approval of customer orders – from the first contact through production to shipping products to the customer;

Meeting customer requirements on all stages of the life cycle of order (requirements for the packaging for lengths, for winding, for insulation colors, for tolerance);

Reservation products in storage to meet customer requirements;

Uniform pricing and discount system (calculation the price from the LME, accumulations discounts, fixed discounts, small order charge, extra charges for delivery, the inclusion of additional services in cable costs, “Contract modeling” mode);

Profitability calculation and “economy” of the contract;

Generation of accounts and commercial proposals;

Business processes of control and coordination of conditions of the contract, depending on the manager’s authority (acceptable discount %);

Production orders management – “Make-to-order”, “Make-to-stock”, additional orders “to typical cable lengths”;

Shipment management and financial control of the shipment; job control for the order batching and shipment;

Control of order execution at all stages – availability of stocks, production planning, shipment preparation, dispatching;

Analysis of the shipment from the various perspectives (segments, managers, countries, regions, groups of cables).


Inventory management

Warehouse accounting by orders and numbered objects, products accounting by production orders on each cable drum for given length;

Segments reservation on a single drum for different clients; controlling free and reserved product balances by length on each drum, optimization of the transpooling process of cable segments from one drum to another;

Customer requirements control on the production release and delivery to the warehouse;

Managing full-cycle storage in real-time. Marking and identification of products at delivery – printing of labels and tags for each drum\bay, work with terminals and weighing equipment, auto-fit storage space, order picking and packaging;

Reduction warehouse operations time, optimization of warehouse space usage, accelerate inventory turnover;

Respooling, retesting and remarking cable & wire products;

ABC and XYZ analysis, turnover, inventory rate setting.


Materials procurement and inventory management

Procurement management and materials planning

Procurement management. Advance procurement and operational planning;

Order and procurement management according to MRP and the reorder point; ABC and XYZ analysis, turnover, inventory rate setting;

Resource requirement planning by periods, availability and stock-outs calculations, alternatives accounting; Consolidated resources stock-outs calculation for the plans of all levels – a strategic sales and operations plan, release plan, MRP-plan;

Planning and execution control of material orders.


Warehouse management and inventory of materials

Inventory control registers, balances and inventory movement at any date;

Inventory accounting by the storage places, types of stocks, random keys;

Parallel inventory accounting in several measurement units;

Inventory accounting by lots and orders in warehouses and production;

Full-cycle warehouse real-time management. Marking incoming inventory, support of terminals and weighing equipment, auto-fit storage space, order picking and packaging;

Reduction of warehouse operations time, optimizing the use of storage space, faster inventory turnover.


cable &wire manufacturing


Calculation of planned and actual costs

Calculation of planned costs

Variant calculation of products costs, prices, and semi-finished products prices;

Forecasting of release costs, break-even point;

Calculation of the products prices based on the prices of LME;

Multi-level costs calculation based on the product structure, costs calculation of semi-finished products by the production stages;

Methods of costs distribution – to the release, to the direct costs, to the salary, to facilities;

Preconfigured calculation methodology for the cable & wire industry.


Controlling and calculation of the actual costs

Actual costs accounting for the direct expenditure items in real time by the cost centers;

Costs accumulation by the technological process – from round rod drawing to cable & wire packaging;

Unified quantitative stock records and costs accounting of work-in-progress semi-finished and finished products by storage sites, by calculation items, by shops and sites;

Normative method of costs accounting and operational control of variances from the standard by costs centers;

Factor analysis of the planned and actual costs in real time


Main functions of Clobbi for the cable industry companies

Classification and standardization of production resources;

Clobbi.CableDesigner – production and design engineering;

Production management (MPS, MRP II);

Optimal shop scheduling (APS/MES);

Materials Management in manufacturing;

Shop of the future. Manufacturing management and label-based inventory accounting using modern mobile platforms and systems of identification of material flows;

Inventory management of the basic materials;

Procurement management;

Sales and inventory management;

Calculation of planned and actual production costs;

Financial planning and operational debt management.


Clobbi – is a complete ERP-system which gives the ability to use separate modules and provides integration with existing enterprise systems. It ensures compliance with current legislation framework.

Updates of the system are released at least 1 time per month. Support and maintenance of the system provided on the base of subscription.

Clobbi implementation methodology is aimed to optimize enterprise business processes, to use proven solutions and to provide a successful project outcome.

Clobbi has the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Oracle Gold Partner. The quality management system of development processes, business process re-engineering, implementation and maintenance of software products of the company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.


Important implementation projects

Over 50% of cable & wire products in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are produced under the control of the Clobbi ERP system.

Clobbi ERP system accumulates experience of successful projects at the largest enterprises of the cable industry and incorporates the best practices of leading cable & wire production companies from Russia and CIS. Clobbi business management system is implemented:

Plant Kirskabel (since 1993)

UK Unkomtekh (since 2007)

LLC Kamsky Cable (since 2010)

Group of companies Sevkabel (since 2009)

Plant Saranskkabel (since 1998)

Plant Chuvashkabel (since 1996)

Plant Yuzhkabel (since 2004)

JSC Irkutskabel (since 2015)

JSC Kavkazkabel (since 2015)

More information about Clobbi implementation projects here.

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