Digital transformation trends in the wire&cable industry


Clobbi, an Industry 4.0 solution vendor, announced its participation in CRU Wire&Cable Conference, one of the leading cable&wire professional conferences in European market. This event will be held on 11-12 June 2019 in Brussels.

Dmitry Shapovalov, CEO of Clobbi Cable&Wire solutions, will deliver a keynote on digital transformation trends in the wire&cable industry based on resent Clobbi implementations cases.


Using Industry 4.0 technologies to boost performance of industrial companies

Legacy countries need to avoid getting squeezed between more advanced countries, offering more advanced manufacturing, and nascent countries that can offer lower cost labour.

Dmitriy Shapovalov, a recognized expert in the area of digital transformation of cable&wire industrial plants, will talk about technological drivers that lead to production efficiency increase, OEE improvement and time-to-market reduction for cable&wire manufacturers based on real Industry 4.0 solutions implementation cases. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Simulation, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing, and Autonomous Vehicles are the main Production Drivers that satisfy growing business needs.

Main capabilities of Industry 4.0 for Cable&Wire industry concentrated in the following areas: R&D, virtualization and modeling of production process (DigitalTwins), people and equipment integration in the unified management system via Industrial IoT, AI methods’ application for optimal production planning (AI, APS/MES), creation of equipment preventive maintenance systems based on RCM methodology.


About the Conference

This two day conference offers the most cost-effective way to get up-to-speed with important market developments and meet with the right people in a short period of time.


About Clobbi

Clobbi is a business solutions provider for cable & wire industry since 1993. Clobbi specializes in digital transformation, optimization of manufacturing business processes and automation for Cable&Wire based on the Industry4.0 SmartFactory ideology: R&D (CableDesigner), virtualization & modelling of production process (DigitalTwins), people and equipment integration (Industrial IoT), optimal production planning (AI, APS/MES), equipment predictive maintenance systems (RCM).