Clobbi World to unite IT integrators and build partnership network in MENA

Clobbi World is expanding collaboration with the leading IT integrators in the MENA region. In particular, our team is working on establishing new business contacts in Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

We aim to create a partnership network and ensure favorable conditions for the interaction between large businesses and providers of innovative Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Machine Vision (MV).

Our joint efforts are focused on building an ecosystem to unite:
— industry representatives;
— developers in such areas as digital transformation and industrial automation;
— owners of infrastructure facilities;
— experts in implementing IT solutions;
— government institutions across Africa and the Middle East.

Current status

At the moment, Clobbi World seeks to strengthen the team by searching for new partners among the leaders of the MENA technology market. We have launched a scouting program in two areas:

— machine-building industry;

— electrical industry (wire and cable industry, production of transformers and electrical plastic products).

At the same time, Clobbi World experts are creating ecosystems at large enterprises in the region, proving their high level of technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.

Our partners and examples of successful cooperation

Currently, the team of Clobbi World’s partners consists of powerful IT integrators. The list of completed projects already includes cases that change the very industrial map of the MENA region. Here are some examples:


  • System players and high-tech projects


Elsewedy Technology. Key curator of digital projects for the Elsewedy Electric company group — one of the largest manufacturers of electrical products and services for industry in the MENA region.

Together with Elsewedy Technology, Clobbi World is creating a digital ecosystem for production management. The companies are now implementing the IIoT Monitoring project and сontrol of actual manufacturing at Elsewedy Electric’s cable factories.

Here, our specialists undertake the role of IT solution architects. They have installed and customized IIoT and MES products and helped to train a team of in-company digital transformation experts. The training was done based on real examples of equipment and ERP integration and within quite a short time.

Elsewedy Technology continues scaling up the information ecosystem project, which includes 3 factories and more than 350 pieces of equipment. Clobbi World is supporting this process as a curator and a team keen on finding solutions to the most complex integration problems and providing sustainable data exchange.


  • Consulting, engineering and targeted partnership


IKEN Technology. An Egyptian company focused on consulting services and managing integrated technological solutions that change the digital efficiency of manufacturing companies. IKEN Technology acts as an IT integrator in 11 projects for AOI, a large investment group, including deployment of a data center, building infrastructure for automation, implementation of ERP, PLM, CAD systems and ensuring their integration. Furthermore, our partners facilitate communication between various drivers of digital transformation, including the government, developers of IT solutions and services, customer teams and others.

Together with IKEN, Clobbi World is carrying out a digital transformation project for the SEMAF Railway Equipment Factory. Clobbi World’s specialists have integrated Industry 4.0 technologies and created from scratch a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system for the company, which is the basis for production planning. This flexible IT solution allows the company to quickly respond to any external fluctuations, such as changes in market demand, equipment failure, supply chain delays, and so on.



  • Industry 4.0 ecosystem strengthens IT collaboration between Ukraine and the Middle East


VOSTOK. A design company with a team of qualified engineers, experts in the modernization of the mechanical engineering, railway and rail transport industries. They appreciated the level of competence and hands-on experience of Clobbi World’s specialists in creating and supporting complex tech projects.

APPAU. The Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine unites all stakeholders involved in the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises. Its members are national consumers of Industry 4.0 software and hardware solutions and integrators of innovative technologies.

Clobbi World team members belong to the group of experts promoting Industry 4.0 ideas and implementation practices. Not only do we help raise business awareness of the benefits of Industry 4.0, but also we participate in creating an integrated platform for business communication between the consumers and integrators of IT solutions in Ukraine (IntegrateIT).

Our main objective

Clobbi World has already proven successful in implementing digital transformation projects in Ukraine. Now, we want to multiply this successful experience in the global market.

For this reason, we are creating a partnership network that will soon provide local business resources. They will be able to implement project solutions as fast as possible and provide real-time support to customers.

Through business globalization, the Clobbi World team provides expert assessment of customer growth points and offers state-of-the-art digital tools for business process transformation.