China’s Top Trade Fair WireChina 2018 meets Clobbi


The 8th China International Cable Industry Exhibition (8th All China – International Cable & Wire Industry Trade Fair (Wire China)) runs from September 26 – 29 in China. The main part of the event is presented at SNIEC – the International Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

Here presented innovative products of more than 1,600 global industry leaders from 31 countries.

The exhibition area is 100,800 square meters.  In addition to the nine internal halls, the participants occupied two outdoor pavilions – T1 and T2. In the halls W1 and E1 –  located eight pavilions from Germany, North America, Italy, Austria, France, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, where experts present advanced technologies and manufacturing concepts.
Clobbi booth (the only company from Ukraine) is located in Hall W1-G54 and represents the solution for the cable industry, which includes: SmartFactory, CableDesigner, CableEAM, DigitalTwins, CRM & Sales, Logistic & Economy. Clobbi also demonstrates modern technologies of the Industry 4.0 standard, namely: AR, VR, Digital Twins, Ilot, Smart Factory and Google Glass Smart Devices.

We invite you to visit our W1-G54 booth in Shanghai or learn more about Clobbi solutions at