Farial NPO to shorten cable production time and reduce work-in-progress with Clobbi system

Farial NPO is a large manufacturer of cable products for communications. It has been producing LAN cables for over 25 years. The company was looking for a system for WIP accounting and production line scheduling. To solve this problem, Farial chose the SmartFactoryBox solution from Clobbi.

The system will allow users to keep records and maintain control of unfinished products in real time and to optimally plan the production load. Due to this, the enterprise will reduce ineffective losses on waste and illiquid stock balance, as well as shorten the production time.

We needed software for monitoring semi-finished products and production planning. After a long search for software, our company settled on the SmartFactoryBox solution from Clobbi. As the project went on, we learned about other Clobbi features. Next, we are planning to implement the CableDesigner solution, which will facilitate our technologist’s work,’ says Eldar Alyushev, Head of Planning & Dispatch at Farial.

SmartFactoryBox is an out-of-the-box production management software solution from Clobbi. The solution includes operational planning and order execution, accounting and management of raw materials and WIP, as well as scheduling and optimization planning of the equipment load. The product combines the best management practices accumulated by the Clobbi team over their 25 years of experience in cable enterprise projects.

‘In 2020, companies often prefer off-the-shelf management software products, because they reduce the cost of system design and implementation. So we have created SmartFactoryBox for customers who can start using the system without any custom design. Such solutions make it possible to see the result in a short time and, if necessary, quickly make a decision on scaling the system,’ explains Dmitriy Shapovalov, Clobbi CEO.

The system is going to involve 50 employees of the company. The commissioning of the solution is planned for the end of 2020.