PROMINVEST PLASTIC to manage warehouse and production accounting with Clobbi

PROMINVEST PLASTIC is one of the Ukrainian leaders in the development and production of heat-resistant cable compounds for the automotive industry, nuclear power plants, subway infrastructure, shipbuilding, oil and gas production, and other construction projects.

The main task of the project is to help the company manage warehouse and production stock balances in real time at the plant in the town of Rubizhne (200+ km away from Kharkiv) from the central office in Kharkiv. To do this, the Clobbi team is going to implement a single inventory management system. Thanks to the warehouse management module, PROMINVEST PLASTIC expects to build a transparent warehouse management process and be able to manage the inventory more efficiently.

The system will be supported by 15 PROMINVEST PLASTIC employees located in the central office and on the production site. The project is to be implemented in an accelerated mode in 4 months, so the system will be commissioned in September 2020.

‘We have chosen the Clobbi team because of their vast experience in the cable industry and numerous references from their customers,’ says Igor Karpov, Sales & Marketing Director and Project Manager at PROMINVEST PLASTIC .

‘Effective management of logistics and warehousing processes gives companies a significant advantage over competitors by improving customer service and reducing inventory management costs. Modern warehouse management systems are implemented within weeks and immediately produce visible results,’ comments Dmitriy Shapovalov, Clobbi CEO.