STALKANAT maintenance services switch to CableEAM mobile app

Stalkanat, one of the largest manufacturers of steel ropes and reinforcing strands in Eastern Europe, a leader in the production of hardware products in Ukraine, has chosen the CableEAM mobile application by Clobbi to track the work of maintenance services involving mechanics and power engineers.

In the Stalkanat project, CableEAM pursues such goals and objectives as to increase control over maintenance work, speed up the processing of information about breakdowns, and to simplify the addition of comments. The application will help to record reports on the progress of repairs, attach photos of the process and completed work, and keep track of deviations in finished tasks.

With the information collected by the application, companies can accumulate statistics on equipment failures, analyze their specialists’ workload and equipment condition.

‘It’s always important to use your resources with maximum efficiency – both the production equipment and qualified maintenance personnel. It’s also essential to ensure effective interaction between maintenance and operational services, support services and others.

This requires accurate and timely information about equipment condition, which is promptly received by all participants of the process and allows them to solve problems as quickly as possible. Also, you need a certain array of statistical data to plan preventive measures, both technical and organizational.

CableEAM by Clobbi addresses these challenges. As the main outcome, we expect to increase the equipment utilization rate due to more efficient interaction between all services,’ says Andrey Muksimov, Finance Director at Stalkanat.