Enable company to become more productive: Digitalization 4.0 for Cable&Wire

Manufacturers strive to enhance the performance of their manufacturing units and Industry 4.0 concept provide simple and clear solutions to their requests.

Main pain-points of cable&wire manufacturing as well as many other businesses are:

– low margin

– low OEE

– missed customer orders, overloaded people and equipment

With the help of Industry 4.0 technologies wire&cable manufacturers will generate more profit without heavy investments into technological infrastructure. It greatly improves outcomes of manufacturing reducing waste, speeding production and improving yield and quality of produced goods.

But Industry 4.0 isn’t just a theoretical concept, it’s a mixture of advanced technologies that being combined will add value to the manufacturing business.

How exactly Smart Technologies are influencing manufacturing performance? What are the impacts of these technologies and what values do they add to the customer’s business? It seems there are some subtleties that business leaders need to be informed of before implementing Industry 4.0 technologies into their business processes.

Being global provider of Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing enterprises, Clobbi ready to share its knowledge and present some case-studies on Digital Transformation and their outcomes.

Case 1. R&D

What is the real time interaction between the customer and the manufacturer?

The customer specifies certain parameters and requirements of the order, referring to the sales department. Sales department is requesting R&D department if we can accomplish it. If it’s possible, R&D designs the product and engineers the production technology. Usually it takes MUCH time. Then Economic department calculates production cost and finally forms price while production department estimates lead time. Now sales department can inform the potential customer about calculated price and the estimated lead time.

This classical process takes from several days to several weeks. During this time, the customer may cancel the order or change its parameters.

In modern production ideology, all these tasks can be done much faster and all customers and potential customers will be satisfied.

Clobbi Cable Designer can provide automatic design of the product and engineering of the manufacturing technology for specific order and to design whole product line, if necessary.

The goal is to reduce time of the order and to increase the customer service level.


Case 2. Shop-floor production management

During the planning Clobbi generates optimal production plan for each workcenter, batch or semi-finished product. Manager can simulate production with many adjustable parameters and can compare simulation result with actual state to choose best production strategy. Now its possible to see actual order execution terms.

According to optimal schedule, Clobbi automatically starts an order execution. In order to register all events related to the operations of the shop-floor Clobbi Mobile Application is used. Clobbi technologies provide ability to synchronize equipment and workers. Manufacturing equipment and shop-floor personnel via IoT automatically receive commands on production execution. With Clobbi solutions you always know what happen at the shop-floor and the actual status of the orders in manufacturing.

Clobbi allows to build DigitalEcosystem of your enterprise, where all your staff, manufacturing equipment and Clobbi solutions united into a single digital working environment. With Clobbi DigitalEcosystem you can monitor manufacturing events, control deviations, equipment downtimes etc. and provide a quick reaction to the changes.

Businesses are looking to AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) to enhance training, collaboration and much more. With Clobbi virtualization tools based on AR/VR, you can visually estimate the real-time situation on the shop-floor. You can detect equipment that is down and the reason of it’s downtime. Its possible to know the actual state of the orders in manufacturing and the performance of the manufacturing equipment. This solution is for the production management to control the manufacturing.